Sunday, August 12, 2012

NAACP v. Rev. Pinkney, Round 2

For Immediate Release

Contact: Rev. Edward Pinkney


The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) of the State of Michigan has once again partnered with Whirlpool Corporation to oust Rev. Edward Pinkney as President of the Benton Harbor Chapter. The NAACP has scheduled a special election for August 16, without giving the activist minister any notice. In an attempt to wrest the presidency away from Rev. Pinkney, NAACP Michigan State President Yvonne White and Vice-President James Gill have been working with Whirlpool, Marcus Robinson, Mayor James Hightower, Superintendent Leonard Cedwood, and certain pastors: Gavin, Wells, Atterberry, and Melvin Burton. Rev. Pinkney led the "Occupy the PGA Tournament" protest that occurred in Benton Harbor on May 23-27, 2012. It was a successful, peaceful demonstration against the oppression that residents of Benton Harbor endure due to an apparent government/corporate merger in that city. Unfortunately, the NAACP, which historically fights on behalf oppressed people, is intent on eliminating Rev. Pinkney for actually doing that work. Whirlpool and Marcus Robinson paid for over two hundred new NAAACP memberships on the requirement that new members vote against Rev Edward Pinkney in a special election. The parties initially tried to oust Rev. Pinkney in April. Rev. Pinkney filed a lawsuit against the civil rights organization, preventing the special election that NAACP officials had planned to occur prior to the "Occupy the PGA Tournament." Regarding the special election this week, Rev. Pinkney said, " I have received the evidence I need to prove corruption and conspiracy by Whirlpool, Marcus Robinson, the pastors, and a few others. We will be back in court, and my $100,00.00 [lawsuit against NAACP] will again be on the table."

"Rev. Pinkney Discussing Local Democracy" is a video embedded below and at YouTube link . Rev. Pinkney emphasizes the importance of unity among the people to fight fearlessly for their children's future and for their children's children. He promises to help people anywhere there is oppression. Rev. Pinkney recently traveled to assist human rights advocates in California and Louisiana. He is due in Atlanta, Georgia on August 18, when he will help this writer rally against lawyer fraud, government corruption, criminalizing mental illness, mass incarceration, capital punishment, censorship, the nation's gangstalking program against targeted individuals which operates like the FBI's covert CoIntelPro program that supposedly terminated in the 1970s after congressional hearings by the Church Committee. Surveillance, terrorism and infringements on the rights of private citizens, especially those who stand up for justice, is actually more prevalent now than during that time.

Five links are in this article. Please select "go to page 1" to see it in its entirety on cellphone view. Background regarding the special election and the lawsuit Rev. Pinkney filed against the NAACP is in the article entitled "Rev. Pinkney Sues NAACP" at this link . Visit B.H. Banco online at . It is major news that an NAACP chapter president sued the civil rights organization for the right to maintain his position and actually serve oppressed people, but there were few news accounts about the lawsuit. The level of protection the NAACP receives from corporate media may be equal to the NAACP's protection for corporate America from black victims. Many, if not most, blacks who approach the NAACP for help regarding corporate and government wrongs receive little to no assistance. In several of Rev. Pinkney's Blogtalk Radio broadcasts, the activist minister said the NAACP's main concern is hosting banquets and other fundraisers. Rev. Pinkney is not the first chapter president who faced retribution for actually using his office to uplift the organizations' members and bring power to the people. No wonder Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was never a member of the NAACP!

Listen to Rev. Pinkney discuss his lawsuit against the NAACP during his April 8, 2012 Blogtalk Radio broadcast. It is archived at - Rev. Pinkney discussed the events that led to the lawsuit and the "Occupy the PGA" demonstration in numerous previous broadcasts. Access the shows archived at Blogtalk anytime using this link , and tune in every Sunday at 5:00pm EST to listen live. Join the discussions on political and social issues by computer or join us by telephone at (347) 994-3644.

Thurgood Marshall, the first of two African-American Justices appointed to the US Supreme Court, was Chief Counsel for the NAACP in 1954, and argued Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka before the high court twice, once in 1952 and once in 1953 (Wikipedia). Marshall probably never imagined a day when NAACP chapter presidents would have to fight the organization for the right to serve the needs of its members instead of catering to corporate sponsors. (Five(5) links are in this article).

Elitists seem to see the entire earth and its inhabitants their personal property. Rev. Pinkney is a man who decided to peacefully resist oppression and lead others in a struggle to secure and maintain their human and civil rights. He will continue this mission whether or not the NAACP has abdicated its role to do likewise.

"Globalization is nothing more than monopoly imperialism, it’s colonialism and neocolonialism on steroids. Instead of several monarchs and trading companies fighting and vying for resources and labor, the power behind the scenes is a small cabal working in collusion and cooperation to control the global financial system, national governments and the whole world. They’ve come a long way since the 1400’s." ~ Junious Stanton