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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Rev. Edward Pinkney speaks out from prison

Rev. Pinkney (center) at a protest against corporate redevelopment of Benton Harbor, MI, which is creating greater poverty. PHOTO/BRETT JELINEK

Rev. Pinkney (center) at a protest against corporate redevelopment of Benton Harbor, MI, which is creating greater poverty.
Editor’s note: Rev. Pinkney, a community leader who takes on corporate power, was convicted of vote fraud charges without any evidence in a recall campaign in Benton Harbor, MI. He was sentenced to up to ten years. He is currently in prison.
MARQUETTE, MI — It is our constitutional duty as American citizens to hold our elected officials accountable for their work, action and inaction of wrongdoing, which includes judges.
Corruption and deceitfulness continues in the Berrien County Courthouse in Michigan.  We must fight for justice everywhere and for all.
The Berrien County Courthouse does not provide a just legal system. It is so blatantly corrupt that even the legal establishment has been forced to recognize it. The corruption starts at the top—with the Whirlpool Corporation as the driving force, unified with government on all levels, the police and court system. The corporate controlled news media is part of it too. Never once did they mention that there was absolutely no evidence against me. We live in a society controlled by the corporations, government and the corporate media.
In my motion for a new trial, I will argue that 1) there was absolutely no evidence to convict me; 2) the juror, Gail Freehling, concealed information during jury selection, lying under oath; and 3) the illegal sentencing and for an appeal bond.
The case of Rev. Edward Pinkney is a concentrated expression of this process of the corporate takeover of America and of the criminalization of a generation of people. They customarily, and regularly deprive poor Blacks, Hispanics, and whites of due process. When are the people going to take a stand? The challenge is clear.
This is not a Black issue nor it is just an issue of people of color. In this prison, there are way more whites than Blacks. When they throw race into it they divide us. It is rich against poor, haves against the have nots, us against them. It is a whole country issue.
We can win. There is more of us than them. We must say enough is enough.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Gail Freehling: Wanted for Crimes Against Humanity

Rev. Pinkney writes from prison in Coldwater, Michigan:

The look in juror Gail Freehling’s eyes and the expression on her face radiated hate.  It was the sign of a racist juror who could only see a lynching.

The Berrien County, Michigan prosecutor and trial court knowingly planted a juror, Gail Freehling.  She took an oath to follow the judge’s instructions.  Freehling failed to uphold the oath.  

The question is, how does an all-white jury convict a man with no evidence?  Freehling and possibly other jurors were in violation of the constitution.  The sixth amendment is read in all criminal prosecutions:  The accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy public trial by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime was committed.
She is socially connected with law enforcement officers, courthouse figures, and others in the corrupt power structure of Berrien County. 

There was no material or circumstantial evidence presented at the trial that would implicate me in the purported five felonies.

My question is:  How could Freehling or any of the jurors state that I am guilty of five counts of forgery without any evidence to support the conviction?

The judge, prosecutor, and juror misconduct infected the entire trial.  The misconduct was pervasive and intentional.  My due process rights were violated by misconduct from the Berrien County Courthouse Criminal Enterprise.

I represent the face of resistance.  The working class no longer has rights that the government or the corporations will respect.  Any and all efforts must be made to overturn the charges against me as a step toward overturning the spread of this model to the rest of Michigan and the nation.

Rev. Edward Pinkney

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mike Sepic Wanted for Crimes Against Humanity

Rev. Pinkney writes from prison in Coldwater, Michigan

The Fourteenth Amendment of the US Constitution provides in relevant part:  Nor shall any state deprive any person of life or property without due process of the law.  The prosecutor’s job in a criminal prosecution is not to win a case, but to see that justice is done.

The dignity of the US government will not permit a conviction of any person on absolutely no evidence.  This conviction is tainted and there can be no other result than to accord to petitioner all charges dropped.

The prosecutor either had reason to believe or in fact knew that there was absolutely no evidence to convict me.  The state cannot now disclaim knowledge of knowing there was no evidence to convict me.  The prosecutor ignored the facts before him.  The sheriff dept. failed to disclose important facts.  There was no evidence to convict an innocent man.

The due process law does not tolerate a prosecutor’s selective inattention to such significant facts.  It required that he exercise good faith in prosecuting the case.  Such good faith is not fulfilled when the prosecutor’s misconduct infects the entire trial.

The prosecutor imposes as well an affirmative duty to avoid even unintentional deception and misrepresentation and in filling that duty the prosecutor must undertake careful study of his case and exercise dilligence in it’s preparation, particularly when the prosecutor (Mike Sepic) is confronted with facts tending to cast doubt upon his case with absolutely no evidence.  The prosecutor’s objective is justice - not that of a mere advocate.  The goal of justice is hardly satisfied by anything less.

A criminal trial is not a sporting event nor a game of wits.  A criminal trial is not a game in which the state function is to outwit and entrap it’s quarry.  The state pursuit is justice, not destruction of a community.  

Unfortunately, the Berrien County courthouse is a criminal enterprise led by Sterling Schrock, Mike Sepic, and Gail Freehling.  

I was convicted without ANY evidence.  When will the people say enough is enough?

Lakeland Prison
Rev. Edward Pinkney
141 First St.
Coldwater, MI 49036

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Courthouse Running Criminal Enterprise

Rev. Pinkney writes from prison in Coldwater, Michigan:

Judge Sterling Schrock did not believe his own words when he said, "The jury has spoken.”  That was no jury, it was a lynch mob.  Schrock conspired with prosecutor Mike Sepic, sheriff Bailey, and the lynch mob which includes Gail Freehling.

Schrock has no integrity, no morals, and most important, he is dishonest.  God will deal with him.

It is not a coincidence that blacks in Benton Harbor are sent to prison at an alarming rate no regard for human rights.  The judicial system has been our worst nightmare and is no longer about justice.  It is about politics and votes for politicians who are controlled by the Whirlpool Corporation.  Politicians all over the US are controlled by corporations.

The judges and prosecutors in Berrien County and in the US are operating with total disregard for precedent case law that defines our constitution.  Prosecutors are prosecuting cases daily with reckless abandonment of human life and the judicial system.  Both judge Schrock and prosecutor Sepic took an oath to serve to the best of their ability.  Instead they are running a criminal enterprise with a lynch mob all-white jury.

It is our constitutional duty as American citizens to hold our elected officials and especially judges accountable for their work, action, and inaction of wrong doing.  There are many judges around the country just like Sterling Schrock.  We must stop him before he stops all of us. 

The enemy might snatch the breath out of our bodies, but they cannot snatch the breath out of our spirit.  Justice for me is justice for all of us.  I will fight for freedom until justice is won by the people.

We must remember, we did not get a seat on the bus or at the lunch counter because we said “please."  We got our seat because of our highly organized and effectively sustained protests and boycotts, disrupting business as usual.  We must say enough is enough.  We can win if we stand together.

Lakeland Prison
Rev. Edward Pinkney
141 First St.
Coldwater, MI 49036