Sunday, March 11, 2018

Lakeland Regional Hospital in St. Joseph, Michigan; You check in, but you do not check out ... alive

The American Health System has been thought to be the best in the world. However, in the year 2014 Commonwealth Fund survey, the United States was ranked the worst amongst ten industrialized nations for the fifth time.

In Berrien County, Michigan, we have Lakeland Regional Hospital, rated by the community as the worse in the whole world. The factors as the quality of care, access to doctors and equity were taken into account.

It is the most expensive health care in the world some say, but ranked lowest in term of efficiency, equity and outcomes. The mistreatment of a black person is criminal at the hospital. They would rather not serve you and let you die.

Lakeland Regional Hospital has an outstandingly poor record of caring for black patients, placing thousands of black patient's lives at risk. The pediatric unit at Lakeland Regional Hospital has reported too many neonatal and infant death.

From Joyce Carter: my sister had a baby and during the birth of the baby. The doctor broke the babies neck and arm. Lakeland released the dead baby to the pathology, after keeping the baby in OB for over a week. My sister had the medical and autopsy reports stating the placenta could not be found. My sister has made numerous complaints, to no avail. Service has always been bad at the hospital.

From Anonymous: my baby died at Lakeland Regional Hospital. The hospital claimed, my baby had a bad heart, yet no doctor ever stated this problem. The care has always been bad. she said we do not have the resources to fight Lakeland Regional Hospital. My baby is gone and if I had known what I know now, I would have taken my baby to Kalamazoo Hospital. I will never ever go to Lakeland again.

From Ken: I took my 7-month-old baby to Lakeland Regional Hospital emergency room, where he was misdiagnosed. Both the nurse and the doctor was horribly rude. They forced the fluid down his throat, so he would vomit. The nurse made us keep giving him fluids. He was diagnosed with an ear infection which he did not have, service was extremely horrible at the hospital, I will never go back. From Dee; I am still dealing with mistreatment that I received at Lakeland Regional Hospital in Berrien County, Michigan on three different occasions. When I talked to a supervisor about the problem, it only got worse.

The struggle for racial equity has been suffering not only at Lakeland Regional Hospital in St Joseph, Michigan but also the Berrien County courthouse. which is sick with racism.

The Lakeland Regional Hospital is a nightmare for black people in Berrien County. You check in, but you do not check out alive. We must confront and protect our community and our city of Benton Harbor against the blood-sucking Lakeland Regional Hospital and Whirlpool. 
Rev Edward Pinkney

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Excerpts from a speech by Rev. Edward Pinkney at California State University in February, 2018

We have to learn to work together

Rev. Edward Pinkney and others from the community protest for justice in front of the Berrien County Courthouse.
Editor’s note: The following are excerpts from a speech by Rev. Edward Pinkney at California State University in February, 2018.
“There are 400 families in America who make an average of $97,000 per hour and the people [are fighting just to] make $15 and the majority of us don’t say nothing. Fifty-three cents out of every federal dollar goes to the military. And yet they won’t provide money for education of the children. As a minister, as a teacher, as a preacher, it is imperative that we lean on the Bible and teach what is really going on.
“My struggle was to bring justice to my community. They had practically destroyed the city. Their plan was to wipe out anybody who stood up. We fought Michigan’s Public Act 72, the [corporate] financial manager law. Then they came up with Public Act 4, the emergency manager law, which gave them absolute power. First thing they did was to take the mayor’s desk and put it in the basement. Then they changed the locks on the commissioner’s office. Then took away their cell phones, and anybody knows you don’t’ take away a Black man’s cell phones! Now the commissioners wanted to join with us.
“Whirlpool was financing James Hightower, the puppet mayor, and we got enough signatures to recall him. They claimed there were five signatures altered out of 700, which wouldn’t have made a difference, but they cancelled the election and charged me with election fraud. Fortunately, I knew they didn’t have any evidence. Immediately, at the opening of the trial, the prosecutor said we don’t really need evidence to convict Rev. Pinkney. I had never heard of that before. He said circumstantial evidence is enough to convict. They found me guilty and sent me to prison for 30 months to ten years.
“When I got there, they were waiting. They wanted me to die there. First was putting me where mold was eating me up. I lost 30 pounds and became very sick. Then they accused me of making a three-way call and suspended my phone for 180 days. I was 500 miles from home. Then a visitor of mine was stopped on his way out and they wanted his notes. They put me in shackles and took me to the hole, accusing me of trying to smuggle something out, his notes. A group from Northern University picketed outside in my defense. They came back with not guilty. The whole place was cheering.
[Rev. Pinkney then discusses the many successful efforts of unifying prisoners inside the prison through education and organizing.]
“The point is we need to take things to a whole different level. You have to tell people what is right and wrong. Tell the truth. They got us so divided up. Now they are trying to take food stamps and give you a box, nobody talking. We have to learn how to get this stuff together. It don’t matter if you are Black, white, brown, red yellow, you have to learn to work together, you have to start organizing and educating and start mobilizing to change the way this system has got us fighting one another. They have us so divided up we don’t know which way to go. I know we can do this.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Corruption in Berrien County runs deep

 The corruption in Berrien County runs deep and is led by the County Commissioners, who are the most racist in the nation. The commissioners control the corrupt courthouse, the Sheriff department, County roads Commissioners and the taxes on your home. We have taxation with no representation in Berrien County. The corruption runs deep. Corruption is the abuse of power by public officials for private gain or any interdependent system in which part of the system is either not performing duties it was originally intended to, or performing them in an improper way, to the detriment of the system's original purpose.The abuse of public offices for private gain is paradigmatic of corruption.

A common belief is that corruption is a judge taking bribes. The definition exceeds this theory. Corruption describes any organization, interdependent system in which part of the system is either not performing,
duties, it was originally intended to or performing them in an improper way to the detriment of the system's original purpose. This is the history of Berrien County, Michigan.

I have been an eyewitness to the corruption in Berrien County. On Monday, March 5, 2018, I was in the courthouse. The corruption of Judge Dennis Wiley, Judge Sterling Schrock, Judge Scott Schofield, Judge Charles LaSata, Judge Art Cotter and we can not forget the most corrupt prosecutor in the nation Mike Septic.

The tragic reality of Berrien County and America rigged courts, bribed judges, fake and phony trials, extortion by lawyers, and over 2 million prisoners in the United States of America gulag.

Why Berrien County justice is not like in Hollywood movies and why You, could be the next victim on the U.S.A. Territory innocent and sent to prison, or strapped to a table and put to death, or robbed of your life savings by American lawyers, why you can be tortured have your freedom and rights taken away and why people in America  are afraid to help or get involved, or even tell what has happened to you.

The recent pattern of American violations of international law is ultimately based on the corruption of the national legal corrupt system, phony trials are very dangerous, along with phony corrupt judges. 

The reality is that the United States of America, which proclaim itself the Land of the free and the home of the brave has the most dishonest, dangerous and corrupted legal system in the world and the people are silenced until a member of their family is placed in prison. We must confront this corrupt system at all cost. 

Rev Edward Pinkney

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Come out to support Detroit juvenile lifer Charles ('K.K.') Lewis

Friends, please come out to support Detroit juvenile lifer Charles ('K.K.') Lewis at his upcoming court hearing in front of Judge Qiana Lillard TUES. MARCH 6, AT 9 A.M. at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, Rm. 502, 1441 St. Antoine at Gratiot, downtown Detroit, 48226. If you can't attend, please write the Judge at that address or email her at the addresses on the flier in his support.  Lewis has been unjustly incarcerated for 41 years since the age of 17, when he was falsely convicted of killing an off-duty police officer on Detroit's east side. More information is available in the attached flyer, and also in the following story at:

It is particularly crucial that the public and media be present at this hearing. On January 31st, Lewis was blind-sided when a guard called him out to a video hearing at Lakeland Correctional Facility, of which he had received no prior notice from the court or his retained attorney Valerie Burton-Harris. No one except Lillard, Burton-Harris, and the prosecutor were present as Burton-Harris moved to withdraw from his case. During the hearing, Lillard allegedly berated and yelled at Lewis with abandon, and Burton-Harris made statements that others who have attended his hearings would have immediately identified as false.

Lewis is one of 247 juvenile lifers currently still held in Michigan prisons despite two U.S. Supreme Court rulings outlawing juvenile life without parole, Miller v. Alabama (2012) and Montgomery v. Louisiana (2016). The Supreme Court said "only the rarest child" should be sentenced to die in prison." He says he stands for all his brother and sister juvenile lifers, particularly in Michigan, which has the second highest number of juvenile lifers in the U.S. At least 70 percent are Black. Wayne County has the highest number of juvenile lifers in the state, and the highest number being recommended for renewed LWOP, 98 percent of them Black.

written by Diane Bukowski 

Friday, February 02, 2018

Cash Bail Hurts Innocent Poor People

Most people are aware Michigan's legal system uses bail requirements to increase their money flow and to ensure defendants make their court dates.They may even know it perpetuates inequalities in the system, keeping legally innocent people behind bars because they can't make bail. Violent criminals pay bail and walk free every day, while many people accused of less serious crimes and who may, in fact, be innocent are detained because they can't afford bail. The solution to this inequity is to abolish all bail for misdemeanor charges. We can use it to bolster public safety. The amount of cash a defendant has on hand should not the key factor in achieving that. If a defendant is a danger to himself or others, incarcerate him. If he doesn't make it possible for him to go free, whether by setting manageable bail or, as other jurisdictions have done, require none at all.

Here's how the cash bail system works. Someone accused of a crime appears before a judge to be formally charged and apprised of their rights. Defendants who are charged with the most serious crimes or a violent felony while on probation or parole, or who have prior violent felony convictions, are incarcerated until their trial. But almost everyone else is entitled to some kind of bail unless the judge finds them a danger to society. The judges must be honest and fair. Many people are judged safe to release but are nevertheless stuck in jail because they can't come up with the hundred or even thousands of dollars required. Many people from Benton Harbor, Michigan, including myself, do not have access to that kind of money, either because we have no saving or because we don't know someone, who would be willing and able help us. We might find the required frustrating or difficult, but we would pay the money and retain our jobs and, most importantly the income we'd need to pay a lawyer and participate in the preparation of our defense, but many other people have no access to even a few hundred dollars. They face the possible loss of their job and housing, as well as custody of their children. On top of this, they must deal with the difficulty of coordinating with a defense attorney while stuck in the local jail. Remember, this can happen to someone who has been not convicted of anything, and indeed, has been judged safe to release.

This system needs to change so that it does a better job of doing what we want it to do. We must tie the bail decision closely to real factors that matter to public safety and ensure that the ability to pay is never the sole reason an otherwise eligible defendant is incarcerated. We should start gathering data about this practice so that we can observe its effectiveness and improve it further. There is no one size fits all decisions when it comes to incarceration, Customizing bail decisions to the circumstances of the innocent and save taxpayers the very expensive bill for needlessly incarcerating people who have not been convicted of a crime. We must change the system by confronting it with people power.


Rev Edward Pinkney

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Berrien County Sheriff Will Kill You!

 Martell Hadley is a young man who died in custody inside Berrien County Jail in St. Joseph, Michigan under Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey's watch. The Berrien County elected prosecutor, Mike Sepic, a known racist said Martell Hadley hung himself, which was impossible. He only said this to protect the Berrien County Sheriff's Department from a lawsuit after the deputies murdered him.

The people of Benton Harbor have lived in fear, knowing Martell Hadley did not hang himself. This is a 'justified homicide,' once again according to prosecutor Mike Sepic. There is more than enough proof that Martell Hadley was murdered. I know for a fact, he did not hang himself. There is more than enough evidence to support that Martell Hadley did not hang himself, he was not that type. The evidence supports he was murdered by Berrien County Sheriff Department.

Let the truth be told, the Herald Palladium newspaper has refused to cover the story and print the truth.The Herald Palladium is a fascist newspaper with a long history of writing fake news, they have refused to print the truth about the black community. The Herald Palladium is fake news. Martell Hadley died in the custody of the Sheriff's Department, is that not newsworthy? When you have a prosecutor like Mike Sepic, who has no respect for black people or white women who have been sexually assaulted and also believes that sheriff department is above the law, the criminal justice system is totally absent in Berrien County, Michigan.

The Berrien County Sheriff Department, Berrien County courthouse and Berrien County elected commissioners are corrupt and in shambles. We can no longer tolerate this behavior. We must confront this tremendous problem and the white public must stop rushing to the defense of law enforcement. This system can no longer have a free pass to kill men and sexually assault women.  
Rev Edward Pinkney

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Revelations from an Israeli soldier

Palestine is a weapons testing lab for Israel.

It's not an occupation, it's an R & D laboratory
that makes the country billions every year.

And that's not all.

They're training US police by the thousands - to treat Americans like Palestinians.

Revelations from an Israeli soldier.


- Brasscheck TV

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Rev Pinkney case: Will the Michigan Supreme Court rule on the side of justice?

By Joseph Peery,
CHICAGO, IL — The case of Rev. Edward Pinkney went before the Michigan Supreme Court on November 7, 2017. While supporters came from various parts of the country, the largest contingent came from Flint—a city that understands firsthand the importance of this case. They know this case has nothing to do with forgery of dates on mayoral recall election petitions, that it has everything to do with shutting up Rev. Pinkney. Rev. Pinkney, an uncompromising defender of the town’s poor, exposed the corporate-run emergency financial management system in Benton Harbor, and the role of the unelected emergency manager in allowing for Whirlpool’s theft of public lakefront property.

The whole world has seen in the lead poisoning of the water of Flint just how far emergency manager dictators are willing to go in overthrowing democracy and replacing it with corporate rule. The question now is how far is the Supreme Court of Michigan willing to go to defend democracy? The Berrien County court that convicted Rev. Pinkney showed how far they were willing to go by playing the race card. 

During jury selection they aggressively expelled all African Americans, leaving the trial to be decided by an all white jury. No one on that jury was from Benton Harbor or had lived under emergency financial management. It is next to impossible for a Black man from the poorest town in the county to get a fair trial from an all white jury from the richest towns in the county. This isn’t merely common sense. It is also the opinion of the United States Supreme Court. This issue is central to the case and calls into question the definition of a trial by one’s peers and the meaning of due process.

During the trial, the prosecution admitted there was no physical evidence linking Rev. Pinkney to the crime they were charging him with. And yet the prosecution repeatedly introduced examples of Rev. Pinkney exercising his First Amendment right to free speech, political activities and community activism as evidence he committed the crime. It is even questionable if the law, MCL168.937, that Rev. Pinkney was convicted of violating, even covers forgery of recall election petitions, or whether it is a felony or a misdemeanor in that the Berrien County Court deemed it a felony. These are some of the issues that the Michigan Supreme Court judges spent a lot of time questioning Berrien County court prosecutor Aaron Mead about, some of which he seemed to have difficulty answering.

Will the Michigan Supreme Court rule on the side of justice or bend the rules in favor of corporations? It may take months for the court to rule on this case. But in the meantime, it can and must be widely taken up in the other court that really matters. That is the court of public opinion. It is in that courtroom, free of corporate money, that we can win. In that court, the judge, prosecutor and jury includes the exploited and oppressed of this land, regardless of color. In that courtroom, evidence shall include how the corporate ownership of the economy has robbed us of our freedom.

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