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Friday, May 22, 2015

The Herald Palladium is owned by The Paxton's of Peducak, Kentucky

The Herald Palladium Newspaper, St. Joseph, Michigan was built on the backs of slaves. The Paxton family of Paducak, Kentucky, at the junction of Tennessee and the Ohio river is well known for racism and slavery. The Paxton family, owners of the Herald Palladium newspaper which prints racist, one-sided news about the black residents of Benton Harbor, still believes in slavery. The Paxton's built their fortune during slavery times.  

The word 'slavery' means, a person has absolute power over the life, fortune and liberty of another;  the practice of keeping individuals in such a state of bondage or servitude. Slavery was outlawed by the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution. The Herald Palladium newspaper has continued the practice of keeping black people in such state of bondage or slavery. 

Slavery was a big problem for the Constitution makers, those who profited by it insisted on abolition so a compromise was reached. The words 'slave' and 'slavery' would never be mentioned but the constitution would safeuard the peculiar institution from the abolitionists. 

Slaves are property and can be sold, traded, given away, bequeathed, inherited or exchanged for other things of value. The status of a slave is inheritable usually through the mother, formal legal structures or informal agreements regulate the capture and return of slaves to their owner. Slaves have no legal rights or protection in America. Slaves maybe punished by slave owners with no limitation. 

The slave masters may treat or mistreat slaves as they wish, the very same as today in Benton Harbor

The Herald Palladium hypocrisy has no limits. They would do anything to keep blacks as slaves in Bentom Harbor, Michigan. The Herald Palladium newspaper has no credibility. The Herald Palladium is known as a lying newspaper with no substance and openly practices racism. 

It is up to you, the people, to make your fellow citizens see the other side of America. In great numbers lies great hope. We must protest the news media which acts like the Herald Palladium. We must move from words to deeds. We must organize against racism in our communities. Blacks, poor whites, brown, red, yellow, and all others must began to organize for control by the people and against exploitation. 

Exploitation and racism do not exist only US foreign policy, but right here in the streets of Benton Harbor. The Paxton family of Paducak, Kentucky are just one of many who made their fortune during slavery and continue to practice slavery. 

We the people must stand up and say, No More - Enough is Enough.
Rev. Edward Pinkney

Coldwater Prison

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Request for help from an innocent prisoner in Coldwater

My name is Terrance Lonzell Williams. I have been incarcerated since October 2004 for a murder I did not commit not do I have any involvement in or knowledge of.

Sept. 6, 2004, I was arrested for a CCWMV, plead guilty and as a result received one year probation on Oct. 22. On Oct. 28, I was rearrested, charged, and after 2 trials (one hung jury mistrial), was sentenced to 30-60 years in prison.

Since then my family and I have contacted several individuals and organizations, beginning with WCPO (Wayne County Prosecutors Office) Kym Worthy via e-mail, letters, and by phone; Detroit Police Dept., MSP, FBI agents, NAACP reps and several Innocent Project organizations in and out of state, etc., explaining to them that the evidence in my case has been tampered with, switched, lost, and destroyed between my time of arrest through 2008. But to no avail; we failed to receive any or limited response or assistance.

The State Appellate Defenders Office (SADO) contacted me stating that their office was reviewing all Wayne County shooting cases from 2004 and in light of the problems with the Ballistics Unit of the DPD Crime Lab, my case featured as one that raised serious questions and they reopened my case.

After a lot of empty promises, SADO relied on "the integrity" of the WCPO to investigate into the ballistics evidence, which resulted in them dropping my case.

This shooting/case happened July 2004. The DPD destroyed the firearm (380 auto) in my case in March 2008 according to SADO and Ms. Worthy's office, while I was and still am fighting my case in the appellate courts.

August 2009, at the request of Ms. Worthy's office, MSP was asked to get involved. Ballistic testing conducted by DPD Firearm Examiner (David Pauch) and the "reexamining" of the evidence conducted by the MSP lab were in contradiction. Due to the fact that the firearm was destroyed in 2008, MSP lab could not retest fire the firearm, but could only conduct a reexamination of DPD conclusions/opinions. What DPD Lab concluded was a 380 bullet, MSP lab concluded was a 9mm bullet. F.A.E. Pauch also used a different brand ammunition than that recovered at the crime scene when conducting his test-firing to compare evidence (RP vs. Win) which is said to be "unreliable."

On Oct. 20, 2010, by letter, Ms. Worthy confessed and admitted that the evidence had been switched from new bullets to corroded old bullets and casings. Ms. Worthy's explanation was that the evidence was switched at some point "after trial." My family and I have said this since 2006 after conducting our own study and investigation into the evidence presented against me, i.e. lab report, Wayne County Medical Examiner reports, trial transcripts, and MSP lab analysis reports as spoken of above. (There is so much more involved in this case.)

I really need outside help to manifest my innocence and expose the evil and corruption of the DPD, WCPO, and the injustice and unfairness of the Michigan court system. The courts are not being just, family is fading off and losing hope. I have watched the show "Vindicated" and this is what I need, to be vindicated and exonerated from a murder I have no involvement with, nor do I know anyone involved with it!


All records are at your disposal as this is an ongoing investigation.

Mrs. Erika Williams
Mrs. Nancy Lewis (retired DPD Sergeant)

Respectfully submitted,
Terrance L. Williams #511599
Currently located at:
Lakeland C.F.
141 First Street
Coldwater, MI 49036

Saturday, May 16, 2015

This Prisoner Died Twice

A inmate in the Michigan Department of Corrections was having issues using the restroom.  After reporting this to the P.A. (physicans assistant)  the inmate was told that the medications he was taking were causing him constipation. When the doctor was told that it was taking any where from 7-9 days to have a bowel movement with excruciating abdoninal pain  The doctor insisted that it was constipation. 

After suffering with the pain several more weeks the inmate had to be rushed to a local hospital where a (CT) scan was performed. It was revealed that the inmate had a cyst the size of a golfball in his intestinal track. It was necessary for this inmate to be rushed to a major hospital to undergo treatment for a severe case of diverticulitor. 

The infection was so severe that the inmate had to be given a number of different antibiotics for almost two weeks before the surgery could be performed.  The gastro-enterlogist informed the inmate that there was a possibility that he may have to wear a colostomy bag for 6-8 weeks to allow proper healing of the intestine. 

This inmate still wears the colostomy almost five (5) years later because the health care in the M.D.O.C. and Lansing refuse to reverse the surgery. As of today this inmate is still trying to fight to get a reversal surgery to remove the colostomy but with limited resources.  

It's a losing battle and a constant struggle not receiving proper health care in the M.D.O.C.

Just last month the same inmate had blood in his stool with severe abdominal pain. When the health unit was contacted by the unit officer, the inmate was told to put in a health care kit and they would get to him and several hours later, he had to be rushed to the local hospital. The issues
behind this are still pending through the grievance prodecure.

Keith Swift #202475


Saturday, May 09, 2015

Sepic based his charge against Pinkney on deeply held prejudice


-Being charged, convicted, and given 30 months to 10 years in prison under a law that never existed.

-That prosecutors could create any law they wanted for criminal prosecutions without any legislator ever voting on them, any governor ever signing them into law, or any court ever ruling on their contitutionality.

It’s happening in Michigan and I am serving time.

How could this happen?  A prosecutor, Michael Sepic, created a “legal fiction.”  A body of people:  judges, prosecutors, the sheriff, etc. were used as a basis for defining the charges.  

The felony charges against me were a grave injustice. Sepic creating laws independently was never addressed by any branch of state government.  The “legal fiction” still exists.

Sepic alone can define the language, parameter, and punishments.  No state law exists to stop him, and precedent has been set and seemingly approved by acquiescence of state gov.  As bad as all this sounds, it gets worse when examined in context. There has never been a felony for a recall petition in Michigan.

In short, the arrests and all that followed were illegal.  

Sepic violated the rule of professional conduct.  He engaged in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, and misrepresentation.  Such conduct reflects adversely on his trustworthiness, honesty, and fitness as a lawyer.

Sepic ignored the law and evidence in charging me.  He based his charge on unrevealed, deeply held prejudice.

We must fight against corruption inside the Berrien County Court, a criminal enterprise led by Whirlpool Corp.  The corporation is sucking the blood from Benton Harbor and installing puppets like James Hightower as mayor.  There are more of us than them:  We must say Enough is Enough!

Rev. Edward Pinkney
Coldwater Prison