Tuesday, June 20, 2017

How Privilege for Whites in Berrien County Works!

It pays to be white with privileges in Berrien County Trial Court. A court employee, Jessica Holmes, was in a position of authority, an arm of the court. She delivered narcotics to a probationer and also was having sex with him. This cannot be tolerated from an employee of Berrien County trial court. She is not the only one, but white privilege will not allow the court employees to be arrested.

Jessica Holmes, 35 years of age, lives in Eau Claire and was sentenced to only 18 months of probation by Judge John Donahue for delivery of a controlled substance and obstruction of justice. Jessica pleaded guilty in March to these charges. A charge of second degree criminal sexual conduct with a probationer was dismissed.

Jessica Holmes had worked in the court for 16 years and was most recently coordinator of Swift and Sure, a probation program that gives defendants who were on their way to prison a second chance--if you are white.

The charges against Holmes stemmed from a relationship she developed with a probationer after July 11, 2016, the day two court officers were shot and killed by a jail inmate Larry Gordon, who refused to go to trial in Berrien County and decided to have a shoot out rather than go to trial. Joseph Zangaro, head of security, and Ronald Kienzle, a courtroom bailiff, were taken hostage along with Holmes.

Holmes subsequently developed a sexual relationship with a probationer who also had been in the courtroom from which Gordon took hostages. Holmes also delivered a controlled substance to the probationer and obstructed justice by providing him with confidential information related to when he would be drug and alcohol tested for the Swift and Sure program.

The judge sentenced Jessica Holmes to only 120 days on tether with credit for one day served in Berrien County, 18 months probation, and fines and costs of $1,046.

The judge said the case was very difficult: Jessica Holmes was one of us. There have been over fifty members of the elite's club who have violated the law and will continue. White privilege in Berrien County and Berrien County trial court is totally out of control.

The blindfolded lady with the scales of justice no longer exists in Berrien County. The hypocrisy of Berrien County has no limits. We must confront the white privilege club in Berrien County, including the Berrien County trial court.

-Rev. Pinkney

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Marquette Branch Prison Rev. Pinkney Speaks From Prison (Winter 2016)

My fellow comrades, friends, and companions. We have come to a time of testing. We must not fail. Let us close the spring of racial poison.
The United States, police department in every state, in every city, are killing people with war crimes ammunition. Virtually every person shot to death by police handguns in the U.S. in the last 20 years has been killed with a bullet that international law has declared to be a war crime.
The number of people killed by police so far this year topped 800 as the nation-wide epidemic of police violence continued with cops killing 25 people over the last seven days of the year.
The U.S. media largely has ignored the 800 victim milestone, all year with headlines dominated by the attempt to whip up law and order hysteria around things like the massive manhunt to recapture two inmates who escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility in New York.
The 500th fatality of the year according to one database of police killing, occurred, when members of the SWAT team gunned down 69 year old Richard Warolf, a suicidal man, during a courtesy call requested by his family in sun city, a suburb of Phoenix.
The following night, a police officer in Des Moines, Iowa shot and killed unarmed 28 year old Ryan Bollinger through the window of her squad car after a two minute low-speed chase.
The nine other people killed by police since Monday include Matthew Wayne McDaniel, a 35 year old from Florida; Rene Garcia, a 30 year old California man killed during a traffic stop; Mario Ocasio, a 51 year old from New York City, killed by taser; Jeremy John Linhart, 30 year old from Ohio, also killed during a traffic stop; Ross Anthony, 25 from Dallas, killed by a taser, an unknown suicidal 45 year old male from Houston area. Quan Daivver Hicks, 22 year old from Cincinnati; Isaiah Hampton, 19 years old from New York City; An unkown homeless man from Miami shot 5 times by an officer; and Charles Allen Ziegler, 40 years old from Pompano Beach, Florida.
Despite releasing repeated damning reports of systematic violence and corruption in city after city from Cleveland to Ferguson to Baltimore to New York, the Obama administration has steadfastly refused to demand that any of the officers and officials responsible for a patter and practice of brutality be held criminally accountable. We are living in a time, who the public, the people must hold the government accountable for their actions. We must stand up to our government and fight back.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

We Want Our Due and We Want It Now!

An economic system that doesn't feed, clothe, and house its people must be and will be overturned and replaced with a system that meets the needs of the people.
The labor-replacing electronic technology is permanently eliminating jobs and destroying the foundation of the capitalist system. The people's needs can only be met by building a cooperative society where the socially necessary means of production are owned by society, not by the corporations.
As the economic crisis continues to grip America and threatens to get deeper, people in working class communities across the country are beginning to stand up and demand that the government serve the people's interest, not those of the corporations. The people have come under fire from the corporations and the government. This is especially true in the city of Benton Harbor, Michigan.
The struggle that has taken place in recent years in Benton Harbor is a case in point and one that holds a number of lessons for the American people. The fight in Benton Harbor is a war over whether Americans will have prosperity and democracy, or live in poverty, under the heel of open corporate rule.
Former president Bill Clinton hustled the street dealer, sold crack, selling dreams that turned to dust. Their strategy of talk labor while pleasing capital, was even seen in the destructive NAFTA pact, which decimated manufacturing jobs in the U.S. by the millions.
Now Clinton returns posing as a savior of the working class, when their treasured NAFTA ripped away ten-thousand jobs annually, undermined unions and transferred vast wealth to Wall Street.
When Texas businessman and 1992-1996 presidential candidate H. Ross Perot predicted NAFTA would produce a "giant sucking sound" of lost jobs the media pundits laughed at him, making him sound like a fool. But history proves his words were true.
The vicious, cowardly attack on democracy in Benton Harbor that Whirlpool Corporation and the corporate power structure is determined to crush anyone who stands in its way. It is part of a process under way across America in various forms. After the once stable working class community of Benton Harbor was devastated by automation, globalization, and NAFTA; the community began resisting. Let's confront the corporations that are destroying this country. Let's stop the NAFTA. Let's confront the NAFTA.           -Rev. Pinkney

Friday, June 16, 2017

Corrupt Judge Denies New Jury Trial in Rev. Edward Pinkney Case

It is our constitutional duty as American citizens to hold our elected officials accountable for their words, action, and inaction of wrongdoing. We must draw the line and decide what to do. If that line is crossed we must use our Constitution. Most judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials have crossed the line in the sand many times. It's time for the people: poor whites, blacks and Hispanics, to stand together and fight for what is right.

We must fight for justice for all any time you have a judge like Alfred Butzbaugh, who is a racist. It took over 53 days to render a fifth grade decision denying me a new trial. I am a man of God, and an innocent man, convicted by an all-white jury that violated the sanctity of their oath and were motivated by something other than the pursuit of truth and justice. The blindfolded lady holding the scales of justice no longer exists.

The corruption and the deceitfulness continues in Berrien County courthouse. In my motion for a new trial, I argued that I was charged, but never arraigned, nor did I receive due process by the dumb judge Alfred and prosecutor. I was denied a public trial, when the judge locked the courtroom doors. One of the jurors reported to the court that during the recess, she saw one of Rev. Edward Pinkney's attorneys make a drug deal in the courthouse parking lot. She lied saying several blacks came up to her and her husband and asked for money. She was not removed from the jury. The Berrien County courthouse is so blatantly corrupt that even the legal system, the establishment has been forced to recognize it. It does not provide a just legal system. The corruption starts at the top. They customarily and regularly deprive Blacks and Hispanics of due process.

The corruption and deceitfulness continues in Berrien County courthouse. Judge Butzbaugh has violated his oath. I support the constitution of the United States and the state of Michigan. We are still waiting on this racist judge to do the same. Judge Butzbaugh has failed the people, the community, his duties, and his office.

The Herald Palladium is known as the Herald Pollution, because of all the racist garbage the newspaper writes. The fascist newspaper is the main reason a Black man cannot get a fair trial in the Berrien County trial court. The corruption that exists in the county must be stopped.

When are the people going to take a stand? The challenge is clear. The case of Rev. Pinkney is a concentration of the criminalization of a generation of people. This is not just a black issue, nor is it just a person of color issue. It is a whole country issue. We the people must confront the corrupt legal system at all costs.

The Herald Palladium Does the Work of Nazi Sympathizers

The Herald Palladium newspaper of Berrien County, Michigan, is an enclave with Nazi roots. The newspaper does the work of Nazi sympathizers. Adolf Hitler would be proud of the fascist, racist attitude of the Herald Palladium newspaper.

The Black community in Benton Harbor has always spoken about the fascist Herald Palladium newspaper. Many people in the community refuse to speak about the Herald Palladium, afraid of retaliation.

I have witnessed and I do recall a groundswell of Nazism, cross burning, noose hanging, and swastikas were commonplace, including on some of the houses in Berrien County and especially in St. Joseph, Three Oaks, New Buffalo, Stevensville, and Union City. Many people declined to speak about the racism and fascism on the record, but those who did dispute the cities were taunted by discrimination, intimidation, hatred, even violent attacks, and in some cases arrested and sent to jail or even prison.

The Herald Palladium newspaper is owned by the Paxton family out of the state of Kentucky. The Paxton family has always condoned fascism and racism. The Herald Palladium openly practiced racism for years. The system was psychological and physical at the same time. The Herald Palladium newspaper is part of the system. The Black people of Benton Harbor, Michigan, were taught discipline by the oppressor, which is the establishment, who operate the system that oppresses the people again and again with the idea of their own inferiority to know their place, to see blackness as a sign of subordination, to be awed by the power of the master to merge their interests.

The Paxton family own the fascist Herald Palladium that is operated by the residents of St. Joseph, Michigan. The newspaper is an arm of the Whirlpool Corporation who are known as poverty pimps. The Paxton family's and the Herald Palladium's hypocrisy has no limits. The newspaper has a large credibility gap. Most people would say the newspaper would not know the truth if it would hit them right in the face.

We must see the evils of fascism, racism, economic exploitation and militarism. The Herald Palladium is leading the charge against the people and all three are tied together and you can't really get rid of one without getting rid of all three. We must confront fascism, racism, and hatred at the same time.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Rev. Pinkney Is Free!

After serving his minimum sentence of 30 months (two-and-a-half years), Rev. Pinkney was released from Michigan state prison this Tuesday morning. He is home with his wife, Dorothy, and resting.

Those in the area can welcome Rev. Pinkney home on July 8.

Saturday, July 8
St. Matthew & St. Joseph Episcopal Church
8850 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI
Dinner will be served (bring a dish if you can)

Financial help is needed - we will present Rev. Pinkney with a Welcome Home check at the Detroit celebration!

Send checks to ~
Moratorium NOW Coalition
5920 Second Ave.
Detroit, MI 48202
(on memo line write: Welcome Home Rev. Pinkney).

Let's give Rev. Pinkney a big welcome home!

Friday, June 02, 2017

Rev. Pinkney’s lawyers speak on recent Michigan Supreme Court Order on Pinkney’s appeal

June 2017 

Editor’s note:  As we go to print, the Michigan Supreme Court has issued an order which Rev. Pinkney’s lawyers discuss below. Please be aware, also of other good news: Rev. Edward Pinkney is scheduled to be released from prison on June 13, after serving 30 months!
“The Order of the Michigan Supreme Court for oral argument on whether prejudicial evidence was admitted at Pinkney’s trial and whether the statute is valid is good news. The first would get hima new trial, which they probably would not pursue because he has already served his sentence. The second would dismiss the charges.” — Hugh M. Davis
“It is clear that the Michigan Supreme Court has shown interest in the two issues it specified in the order. The first issue, involving the introduction [into the trial] of Pinkney’s political and community activities that went beyond the recall effort of the former mayor, should be of great concern to all— even to people who do not support Pinkney and are against his political and social positions. A great deal of that political and community activity was critical of local officials and a local corporation. The use of this First Amendment activity to obtain a conviction is very disturbing.” — Tim Holloway
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