Wednesday, August 15, 2012

NAACP election to ensure Whirlpool is given business-of-the-year award

A corporate looking email is circulating. It states that the newly created Benton Harbor "Leadership Caucus" endorses a state NAACP organized election to oust Rev. Pinkney. People who made calls to Rev. Atterberry of this "group" heard that Pinkney is too much of a "trouble maker." They want a new Twin Cities NAACP president. (Or, at least their overlord, Whirlpool, does.)

This is Rev. Pinkney's response:

None of the current membership will be attending the unsanctioned election. The national office provided us the list of memberships paid by check from Whirlpool's Marcus Robinson. It includes the Benton Harbor School Superintendent Leonard Seawood, Rev. Kenneth Gavin, Rev. Melvin Burton, Ms. Alloyd Blackmon, Rev. Nat Wells, Rev. Jame Atterberry, Mr. Corey Bell, and Mr. Jerry Price.

The election is in direct violation of the court order. Only the $100,000 law suit was thrown out because the national office did not have time to respond to activities of state pres. Yvonne White of Detroit and VP James Gill of Lansing. It's alleged that they must have this election in August to ensure that Whirlpool is given an NAACP business-of-the-year award.

The voices of the PEOPLE of Benton Harbor need to be heard. Unfortunately, the oppression has lasted for so many years, and the injustices are so profound, that the voices have been silenced. This has been the Whirlpool plan all along. Eliminate as many jobs as possible, convict and imprison as many people possible, take away as many services as possible, and people are either driven away, or stay -- in silence. Then, the land grab is easy. Instead of fighting the oppression (not too strong a word), the people who signed onto this "Call for new leadership" are playing a part in it.

God help the "Leadership Caucus" as we return to court with the membership list, the email from Whirlpool, and letters of compliance from President Jealous.

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