Thursday, August 09, 2012

News of the week

After a fire in an elementary school in BH on Monday evening where voting was to take place Tuesday, residents witnessed a bungled attempt by untrained firefighters to put out the flames. (No one was hurt.) The BH fire and police departments have been merged, and are well below safety standards by all measurements. If the infrastructure and basic services are not greatly improved, the monster behind the utter decay of the city (Whirlpool) will likely, eventually, be responsible for accidents and even deaths.


What is the motivation for the forcing out of Joe Harris, Marcus Robinson, and Wendy Dant-Chesser? Does it come down to their inability to control and silence Rev. Pinkney?

Word has it this week that Harris would like to talk to Pinkney. Could his motivation have something to do with Whirlpool? Could he be waking up about what this corporation
is actually up to now that he's feeling their wrath?


In 2009, before Ron Carter was Benton Harbor city manager, he was paid by the city as a consultant. One fine day he went with a group of Benton Harbor residents to Lansing and was told by the state treasurer that he was not permitted to speak for the residents of BH.

So, why was it that in January 2012 when five government/corporate people went to Lansing, they were permitted to do just that: speak for the residents of BH? The only one who worked in BH was Mayor Hightower, and he "beat" Mayor Cooke in an election that is widely believed to have been fixed by Whirlpool. The other members of this group were:
--Dave Whitwam, retired Whirlpool CEO
--Al Pscholka, State Rep.
--Jeff Noel, Whirlpool vice-president of communciation and public affairs
--Marcus Robinson, then-president of the Consortium for Community Development, recently fired by Whirlpool(word on the street)

Government/corporate people speaking to the state about issues impacting BH residents. Some people mistakenly call our system "democracy."