Friday, June 30, 2006

Bush nominates racist judge Maloney

Judge Paul Maloney, Berrien County trial court chief judge, claims he is both honored and humbled by Bush`s decision to nominate him for one of the three vacant federal judgeships in the western district of Michigan. This is his reward for his work on George Bush Sr.'s campaign team.

Paul Maloney, a judge who has openly practiced racism, stated that he is deeply honored by the president for paying him back for working on his father's campaign.

Maloney promised that if he is confirmed by the senate he will apply the law fairly and impartially to all who appear in his courtroom, according to the rules of the law.

Mr. Maloney: you have failed the people of Berrien County, and used law enforcement bribery and coercion. False testimony is common in Berrien county under your leadership. Your insensitivity to the dignity of litigants who have appeared in your courtroom has brought the integrity of the legal system into question. Maloney, you have failed to apply the law fairly and impartially in the county of Berrien.

Mr. Maloney: We do not need a man like you as a district judge in the federal court. That is a tremendous opportunity. You are not qualified to receive such a job.

We must write letters to senators Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow.
Maloney's confirmation hearing is next Wed., July 5.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Judge Maloney supervises the racket of extortion, bribes, and extreme corruption in the Berrien County Courthouse

There is extreme corruption in the judiciary system in Berrien county. The main problem is that it doesn`t admit to the obvious: the corruption. You do not know about the corruption because the media doesn`t report it. They might admit to a single bad apple now and then, but bad apples are everywhere: on top of the barrel, in the middle, on the bottom.....everywhere. The media refuses to report it for what it is.

The legal system here has been created to be corrupt and to make injustice look normal. This is the uniqueness of the Berrien county legal system. It exists to make money for attorneys, judges, and the county. In order to do so, they created extortionist attorneys. The judge extorts the attorney. The attorneys comply with everything the judges ask - this can only be explained as extreme greed which has become an integral part of Berrien county's legal system.

Attorneys fear the judiciary because the system is built in this they can be easily be extortable to the judge ...The judge can easily accept money from one party and extort the attorney of the party's opponent and then close a case without knowing or hearing anything about the facts or the law. People who believe that they come to a court to decide their case based on the facts and the law are terribly mistaken. It is a mecca of siphoning money to the attorneys, judges, and the county.

Congress is part of the problem. Most congressmen, like Fred Upton, are attorneys who are afraid of the judiciary system, afraid to be disbarred and sanctioned, and look forward to the time they are out of congress and free to join the corruption and make a buck for themselves. Therefore they cannot be part of the solution. Recent polls support my claim that show that most of Berrien county citizens believe that their congress reps., senators, and judges take bribes.

The Berrien county courthouse supervises the racket of extortion, bribes, and extreme corruption. The Berrien county judiciary is liable for damage and injuries to the people of Benton Harbor, Michigan, comparable to what Nazis inflicted upon Jews.

An all-white jury is unfair to a Black defendant

A member of the jury stated that Rev. Pinkney was down seven votes before any evidence was presented in his trial. The Whirlpool game and County Clerk Stine's first cousin were in control. The jury was tainted from the start of the trial. Berrien County prosecutors and law enforcement officers attempted to influence the jury outside the court, offering bribes, coercing, making threats or asking acquaintances to intercede with the jury.

There is an unwritten policy in Berrien County. When it comes to Benton Harbor residents, county District Attorney James Cherry has an unwritten policy in violation of the federal law, excluding Blacks and Jews from juries in any criminal cases.

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that jury pools must represent a fair cross-section of the county. This is a well-kept secret in the United States--the extreme corruption of the United States judiciary system.

The system that picks people for jury duty in Berrien County consistently overlooks Blacks and minorities and favors whites. The jurors are supposed to be selected at random--not so in Berrien County. People living in white neighborhoods are twenty-five times as likely to be called for jury service than residents of Black neighborhoods. While one in five adults in the county are Black, fewer than one in every seventy people in the jury room is Black. This imbalance leads many people in Benton Harbor to cast a reasonable doubt on the promise and purpose of the courts to provide a fair trial by a jury of one's peers. While Blacks don't get the same chance to judge, there is no shortage of them being judged. Over a 12-month period, Black defendants in jury trials outnumber whites 30-2. Presiding over all those trials are white criminal judges. If you see no one on the jury that represents you socially, economically, or racially and the jury is about to judge the appropriateness of your action, you can see why somebody might be very, very wary of the jury. An all-white jury is unfair to a Black defendant.

Benton Harbor, Michigan, has more Black Americans in prison per capita than any other city and now the state wants the death penalty. We must stand up and fight. There is a war going on, the haves against the have-nots, rich against poor, class against class. If we do not hang together, we will surely hang separately.

Rev. Edward Pinkney
BANCO, 1940 Union St., Benton Harbor, MI 49022
(legal fees being accepted and very much needed for my Sept. 19 trial)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

No, Whirlpool Will Not Provide Jobs in Benton Harbor

National Public Radio: "200 jobs are coming to Benton Harbor."
This is the biggest lie there is. Believe me, past history shows us that the last thing Whirlpool will do for Benton Harbor residents is provide jobs. Years ago, Whirlpool outsourced most of our jobs for cheap labor. People were not a part of their considerations. At all. The only real news about jobs is that the city of Benton Harbor just laid off 13 employees. Here is a report from Sandy in Chicago:

Saturday, June 17, 2006
NPR had a 3 1/2 minute radio piece on Benton Harbor today saying 200 jobs and hundreds of homes are coming into Benton Harbor and the city is getting back on its feet with downtown art galleries opening and events, etc. A Whirlpool representative was on saying that that employers left because of the workforce - BH workers don't have the confidence and skills for the jobs! Also, that 300 homes are being built. They had a poor resident on the program saying she's getting one of them. (This sounds similar to a Chicago program that opened a few homes in a condo project to the poor.) They also mentioned that 1/2 of homes are boarded up and many still don't have hope that things will change. You can listen at . Tony in Washington sent us this information; he suggested that someone do a letter to morning edition about it. It aired on the NPR affiliate stations.

Also: announced that up to 13 Benton Harbor city employees could be laid off later this month..commissioners approved a $7.6 million budget for the next fiscal year, which is about $500,000 less than last year. The city manager blames it on cuts in state revenue and the expiration of the city's enterprise zone. He says the layoffs will be across the board. announces that 400 jobs are coming to BH from Whirlpool.

Rev. Edward Pinkney
BANCO, 1940 Union St., Benton Harbor, MI 49022
(legal fees being accepted and very much needed for my Sept. 19 trial)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Infant Deaths Rise in Benton Harbor

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As reported in the recent issue of the People's Tribune, available at Michigan News in Kalamazoo and Encore Records in Ann Arbor,
also online at

"Benton Harbor has the highest infant death rate per capita in Michigan. More than 85% of the Berrien County deaths that occurred were among African-Americans born in Benton Harbor and Benton Township. Of every 1000 African-American babies born from 1997-99, 31.7% in the county died before their first birthday, compared to 5.5% for Caucasian Babies. Berrien County Health Department officials have never cared about this situation. It has been going on for a long, long time, it's increasing, and there's no excuse for it. The Health Department should be fighting for the goverrnment to provide quality healthcare for everyone. Once again, it's the haves against the have-nots."

Rev. Edward Pinkney
BANCO, 1940 Union St., Benton Harbor, MI 49022
(legal fees being accepted and very much needed for my Sept. 19 trial)


Monday, June 12, 2006

Florida House candidate falsely arrested while fighting corruption by local officials

In Alachua, Florida, city officials are using false arrest and harassment to try to intimidate a citizen fighting election corruption. And behind the power struggle over control of the city is millions of dollars in development deals. Sound familiar?

Charles Grapski says: "If you can clean up one city, you can clean up the whole country. But if you can’t clean up one city, we have no chance at the national level. I see a lot of significance in this one case, because it is a small example of what’s going on nationally, and it’s a lot easier to tackle corruption at the local level, which is the root and foundation of national problems. I’m confident in the end that in terms of justice, I know that what we are doing is on the side of justice. What these officials know is that they have the power and authority and they can abuse it with very little repercussions to themselves normally. They have a lot of power and resources. They are used to people being afraid to stand up….But as long as we keep fighting and pushing this issue, I believe in the end that we will prevail."

See full article here and more details at The Alachua Project.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Yes, this is actually happening in Michigan

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The false allegations about me must become common knowledge.

If a judge can sit on the bench and make laws and change laws to void any election or cancel your vote, we are in trouble. If it can happen in Benton Harbor, Michgan, it can and it will happen in other parts of the country.

The justification which judge Paul Maloney gave for his ruling showed a disturbingly elastic view of the law. The Associated Press wire story of April 15, 2006, the day of judge Maloney's ruling, quoted the judge as saying, "Because of Rev. Pinkney's massive fraudulent activities, there may be other votes that were similarly induced." There were only five votes that may have been "tainted", the average number for any election.

The prosecutor and the sheriff's dept. coerced and paid witnesses to give false testimony in the first mistrial. Now the sheriff's dept. is going inside the jails and in the streets attempting to coerce and bribe anybody who will testify against me in the Sept. 19 trial - whether they were around or not for the first trial, whether they were involved, whether they know anything......none of this matters. They will simply tell them exactly what to say and pay them to say it. The sheriff's dept. is telling people if they give false testimony the jury will never know.

This type of law enforcement bribery, coercion, false testimony are common in Berrien County, Michigan. It is absolutely unbelievable. It has been allowed to go on for so many years.

I NEED YOUR HELP: We have a excellent opportunity to expose a broken system. I still owe well over twenty thousand dollars of my first legal fee of forty thousand. The second trial will be well over forty thousand dollars.

I need your donations as soon as possible. Please do not send me out to fight without any weapons. I need your help. Any amount would be appreciated. I am appealing to justice-loving people who live anywhere and everywhere. I vow to keep fighting and working for the people and will defeat all charges.

Please Send Tax-Deductible Donation To:

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Call anytime and Thank You for any consideration
you can give me and the people of Benton Harbor,
Rev. Edward Pinkney