Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Infant Deaths Rise in Benton Harbor

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As reported in the recent issue of the People's Tribune, available at Michigan News in Kalamazoo and Encore Records in Ann Arbor,
also online at

"Benton Harbor has the highest infant death rate per capita in Michigan. More than 85% of the Berrien County deaths that occurred were among African-Americans born in Benton Harbor and Benton Township. Of every 1000 African-American babies born from 1997-99, 31.7% in the county died before their first birthday, compared to 5.5% for Caucasian Babies. Berrien County Health Department officials have never cared about this situation. It has been going on for a long, long time, it's increasing, and there's no excuse for it. The Health Department should be fighting for the goverrnment to provide quality healthcare for everyone. Once again, it's the haves against the have-nots."

Rev. Edward Pinkney
BANCO, 1940 Union St., Benton Harbor, MI 49022
(legal fees being accepted and very much needed for my Sept. 19 trial)