Monday, June 05, 2006

Yes, this is actually happening in Michigan

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The false allegations about me must become common knowledge.

If a judge can sit on the bench and make laws and change laws to void any election or cancel your vote, we are in trouble. If it can happen in Benton Harbor, Michgan, it can and it will happen in other parts of the country.

The justification which judge Paul Maloney gave for his ruling showed a disturbingly elastic view of the law. The Associated Press wire story of April 15, 2006, the day of judge Maloney's ruling, quoted the judge as saying, "Because of Rev. Pinkney's massive fraudulent activities, there may be other votes that were similarly induced." There were only five votes that may have been "tainted", the average number for any election.

The prosecutor and the sheriff's dept. coerced and paid witnesses to give false testimony in the first mistrial. Now the sheriff's dept. is going inside the jails and in the streets attempting to coerce and bribe anybody who will testify against me in the Sept. 19 trial - whether they were around or not for the first trial, whether they were involved, whether they know anything......none of this matters. They will simply tell them exactly what to say and pay them to say it. The sheriff's dept. is telling people if they give false testimony the jury will never know.

This type of law enforcement bribery, coercion, false testimony are common in Berrien County, Michigan. It is absolutely unbelievable. It has been allowed to go on for so many years.

I NEED YOUR HELP: We have a excellent opportunity to expose a broken system. I still owe well over twenty thousand dollars of my first legal fee of forty thousand. The second trial will be well over forty thousand dollars.

I need your donations as soon as possible. Please do not send me out to fight without any weapons. I need your help. Any amount would be appreciated. I am appealing to justice-loving people who live anywhere and everywhere. I vow to keep fighting and working for the people and will defeat all charges.

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