Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Judge Maloney supervises the racket of extortion, bribes, and extreme corruption in the Berrien County Courthouse

There is extreme corruption in the judiciary system in Berrien county. The main problem is that it doesn`t admit to the obvious: the corruption. You do not know about the corruption because the media doesn`t report it. They might admit to a single bad apple now and then, but bad apples are everywhere: on top of the barrel, in the middle, on the bottom.....everywhere. The media refuses to report it for what it is.

The legal system here has been created to be corrupt and to make injustice look normal. This is the uniqueness of the Berrien county legal system. It exists to make money for attorneys, judges, and the county. In order to do so, they created extortionist attorneys. The judge extorts the attorney. The attorneys comply with everything the judges ask - this can only be explained as extreme greed which has become an integral part of Berrien county's legal system.

Attorneys fear the judiciary because the system is built in this way...so they can be easily be extortable to the judge ...The judge can easily accept money from one party and extort the attorney of the party's opponent and then close a case without knowing or hearing anything about the facts or the law. People who believe that they come to a court to decide their case based on the facts and the law are terribly mistaken. It is a mecca of siphoning money to the attorneys, judges, and the county.

Congress is part of the problem. Most congressmen, like Fred Upton, are attorneys who are afraid of the judiciary system, afraid to be disbarred and sanctioned, and look forward to the time they are out of congress and free to join the corruption and make a buck for themselves. Therefore they cannot be part of the solution. Recent polls support my claim that show that most of Berrien county citizens believe that their congress reps., senators, and judges take bribes.

The Berrien county courthouse supervises the racket of extortion, bribes, and extreme corruption. The Berrien county judiciary is liable for damage and injuries to the people of Benton Harbor, Michigan, comparable to what Nazis inflicted upon Jews.