Thursday, March 22, 2018

Shame on you preachers in Benton Harbor, Michigan

If Martin Luther King, Jr had lived, would he be a welcome guest at churches in Benton Harbor, Michigan, and around the country? The churches are always filled  to celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday. Politicians and people from all walks of life come out, just to be seem. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would not be invited to stand in their pulpits and preach reforms against a back sliding, socially disconnected churches in Benton Harbor and around the country. They bask in the glow of materialism, while the people perish. You have people who a staving to death, homeless and without clothing yet the churches say nothing.  

Most churches in Benton Harbor and  far to many preachers, now suffer laryngitis on the social and economic issues Dr. King once railed against. How can a man of God say he loves God and let people starve, be homeless and without clothing?

Dr. Martin Luther King would be ashamed of America. America has written the people a bad check that has come back 'insufficient funds.' America has the largest prison gulag in the entire world. This country right here in United States of America. The self proclaimed Land Of Freedom. The starting point for understanding anything about the USA is to digest the facts that this one country, The United States of America, has twenty -five percent of all the prisoners in the entire world. Dr. Martin Luther King would just drop his head in shame. He would go after the politicians, preachers and the church.

More than 2 million prisoners, more than I out of every 100 people in America, are behind bars in this America gulag. This is now the world's biggest system of what are effectively concentration camps though most of these prisoners are behind masonry walls and inside prison buildings and the preachers and churches suffer laryngitis about prisoners or the court system or any social economic issues.

Today which side of history would black Benton Harbor, Michigan, and around the country be on? Dr. Martin Luther King shows he fought fearlessly while so many preachers stood on the side lines of a stride toward freedom that cost him his life. Dr. Martin Luther King he died so you can have life and you call yourself a man of God. shame on you.........

If Dr. Martin Luther King stood and listened to the milquetoasts sermons of pie in the sky preachers in Benton Harbor , St Joseph and around the country, who do not prescribe a more social and imminent gospel. While so many churches stand at bay, fat with avarice and jaundiced with  apostasy of love and grace. Dr. Martin Luther King would say Repent Preachers, Repent churches not only in Benton Harbor and St Joseph Michigan, but around the country.