Sunday, March 25, 2018

America is a fraud

The truth is America is a fraud, the land of the free and the home of the brave. We have the most corrupt system in the whole wide world. The court system is rigged, judges are brided, you have phony and fake trials, extortion by fake lawyers, who refuse to defend any black defendant.

Berrien County, Michigan, is the most corrupt county in the world. It is led by Nazi's, Klansmen and other white supremacists such as Judges Dennis Wiley, Sterling Schrock, Scott Schofield, Charles LaSata, Art Cotter, and we can not forget the Grand Wizard, prosecutor  Mike Sepic.

You could easily be the next victim in Berrien County, innocent and sent to prison for the rest of your life or strapped to a table to die, or robbed of your life savings by a lawyer, who could care less about you, only because you are black. 

If you are a mother beware, your child or children can be taken without a reason and no lawyer will protect you and your child. The recent pattern of American violation of the law is ultimately based on the corruption of Berrien County family court. This phony court is a danger to every individual who takes the risky step of entering into  Berrien County territory. The corruption in Berrien County is well known but also well hidden by the fake news service of the Herald Palladium newspaper, which is owned by the Paxton Family, who has a history of racism.

The Lakeland Regional Hospital in St. Joseph, Michigan, Berrien County has an outstandingly poor record of caring for and serving black patients placing thousands of black lives at risk. The pediatric care unit has reported far too many black infant deaths with the black infant death rate continuing to rise. There have been just far too
many black babies dying in this hospital. The problem is nobody really cares in Berrien County and around the state about black babies dying. Most blacks, young and old, are afraid to go to Lakeland Hospital in Berrien County. Most black people believe Lakeland Regional Hospital is selling body parts of black people for profit.

While corruption may facilitate criminal enterprises such as selling body parts, drug trafficking, money laundering and mail fraud, it is not restricted to these activities.  Corruption is so common that it is expected when an ordinary business or citizen interacts with government officials, such as juror Gail Freehling of Three Oaks, Michigan, a known racist, who prosecutor Mike Sepic got a lawyer because she had lied during the trial.

We must confront Berrien County judges, prosecutors county commissioners and stop all corruption.