Sunday, March 11, 2018

Lakeland Regional Hospital in St. Joseph, Michigan; You check in, but you do not check out ... alive

The American Health System has been thought to be the best in the world. However, in the year 2014 Commonwealth Fund survey, the United States was ranked the worst amongst ten industrialized nations for the fifth time.

In Berrien County, Michigan, we have Lakeland Regional Hospital, rated by the community as the worse in the whole world. The factors as the quality of care, access to doctors and equity were taken into account.

It is the most expensive health care in the world some say, but ranked lowest in term of efficiency, equity and outcomes. The mistreatment of a black person is criminal at the hospital. They would rather not serve you and let you die.

Lakeland Regional Hospital has an outstandingly poor record of caring for black patients, placing thousands of black patient's lives at risk. The pediatric unit at Lakeland Regional Hospital has reported too many neonatal and infant death.

From Joyce Carter: my sister had a baby and during the birth of the baby. The doctor broke the babies neck and arm. Lakeland released the dead baby to the pathology, after keeping the baby in OB for over a week. My sister had the medical and autopsy reports stating the placenta could not be found. My sister has made numerous complaints, to no avail. Service has always been bad at the hospital.

From Anonymous: my baby died at Lakeland Regional Hospital. The hospital claimed, my baby had a bad heart, yet no doctor ever stated this problem. The care has always been bad. she said we do not have the resources to fight Lakeland Regional Hospital. My baby is gone and if I had known what I know now, I would have taken my baby to Kalamazoo Hospital. I will never ever go to Lakeland again.

From Ken: I took my 7-month-old baby to Lakeland Regional Hospital emergency room, where he was misdiagnosed. Both the nurse and the doctor was horribly rude. They forced the fluid down his throat, so he would vomit. The nurse made us keep giving him fluids. He was diagnosed with an ear infection which he did not have, service was extremely horrible at the hospital, I will never go back. From Dee; I am still dealing with mistreatment that I received at Lakeland Regional Hospital in Berrien County, Michigan on three different occasions. When I talked to a supervisor about the problem, it only got worse.

The struggle for racial equity has been suffering not only at Lakeland Regional Hospital in St Joseph, Michigan but also the Berrien County courthouse. which is sick with racism.

The Lakeland Regional Hospital is a nightmare for black people in Berrien County. You check in, but you do not check out alive. We must confront and protect our community and our city of Benton Harbor against the blood-sucking Lakeland Regional Hospital and Whirlpool. 
Rev Edward Pinkney