Tuesday, February 02, 2016

The Events Raced At Collision Speed: James Meredith The First Black To Enroll At The University Of Mississippi!

Soon the long wait was over, Doar McShane and James Meredith, who are attempting to enroll in the University of Mississippi. The very first black pushed their way through a jeering crowd of two thousand angry racist whites outside the Wolfolk Building, then up the elevator to the tenth floor and through another crowd in the corridor. The governor, Ross Barnett, bathed in television lights, blocked the threshold of Room 1007. Legislators inside climbed atop of chairs and tables to obtain a better view of the whole situation. John Doar moved forward to explain the Fifth Circuit's order to Governor Ross Barnett, television and radio stations transmitted the confrontation to Mississippians across the state. Gov. Ross Barnett "interposed Mississippi's sovereignty" as embodied in his own prison between James Meredith and the University of Mississippi officials, who maintained an outward willingness to obey the order.

Which one is James Meredith, Barnett inquired sparking titters of laughter as the familiar and well-known James Meredith standing in front of Gov. Barnett, was the only black in sight.

Gov. Ross Barnett read James Meredith, the very first black to enter the University of Mississippi, his second proclamation of interposition ending that he did here by finally deny you admission to the University of Mississippi.

The white racist of over ten thousand yells went up from the crowds gathered around transistor radios ten floors up below. When Gov. Barnett refused to allow John Doar from the Justice Department request to enter some legislator changed, "get going", "Get Going"! Three cheers for the Governor. They hooted the Meredith trio along its path of retreat, then the Governor filed back to his chamber in triumph. One state senator hailed Gov. Barnett's stand as the most brilliant piece of statesmanship ever displayed in Mississippi. Another stated it was the most racist display of power ever displayed in the country.

In New Orleans, on Friday a fifth circuit panel tried Governor Ross Barnett, the governor of the state of Mississippi, in absentia and found him guilty of contempt. Lieutenant Governor Johnson promptly received the very same sentence. The very first time a sitting governor was going to be arrested. The three panel judges sentenced both to indefinite prison terms. I, the Rev. Edward Pinkney, commended James Meredith for courage and intelligent in seeking to enroll at the Unversity of Mississippi. I want to thank James Meredith for what he has done!

Rev. Pinkney