Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Marquette Branch Prison Does Not Follow Its Own Rules

Marquette Branch Prison is a concentration camp; a place where prisoners from various areas are assembled and confined. The Michigan Department of Corrections says: you have been placed into reduced custody because the state feels that you are an irresponsible individual who no longer needs confinement behind a single wall or fence-you need two! The Michigan Department of Corrections says: serving time in a reduced security setting is much different from being in a regular prison. There is no freedom, over 100 cameras, and the threatening, harassing, and intimidating behavior is out of control by the Marquette Prison Corrections officers, namely Schetter and Luekkala.

It is unfortunate that the correctional officers cover up for each other rather than follow the Department of Correction's rules. On Jan. 2, 2016, one of the officers, Schetter's friend, was working the north dorm unit. I personally overheard officer Schetter tell officer Sare to find a reason to give Pinkney a misconduct ticket. This was a retaliation ticket. This again highlights Marquette's untrained, unskilled, unprofessional, uneducated, and out of control corrections officers. This correctional officer has had several people charge him with sexual misconduct, assault, and violation of many other Michigan Department of Corrections' rules and policies. The warden, Robert Napel, and the administrative staff cover up for him. I have filed 4 threatening, harassing, and intimidating complaints with warden Robert Napel about correctional officer Schetter. The grievance process is a fraud, but you must file to get into the Court's queue. The Marquette Branch Prison is known for attacking the Black prisoners.

The correctional officers are out of control. They are allowed to attack prisoners, retaliate against prisoners, harass prisoners, and intimidate prisoners. The worst can happen, they are transferred to another unit, but can return to the same unit every day and continue to harass the prisoners.

It is illegal to bring any tobacco product onto State of Michigan property. Several correctional officers bring chewing tobacco and chew on state property. They bring in cigarettes, some of the prisoners have cigarettes and smoke inside the prison. I can list several items that could save the tax payers over 5 million dollars. The public must stop watching Law & Order, Cops, Blue Shield, NCIS, CSI, Perry Mason and start facing reality. The Department of Corrections is stealing tax payer dollars. This will continue until the tax payers say no more. We need the people to take a stand against corruption and fight back. The tax payer must say enough is enough.

Rev. Pinkney