Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Marquette Branch Prison: The Attack On Prisoners

There has been many incidents of attack on prisoners at the Marquette Branch Prison, very few ever get past the warden. The Marquette Branch Prison covers up for the correctional officers who commit crimes against prisoners. The most important question to be asked, who can you call for help?

On or around the 3rd of August 2015, Chester Pearson filed a grievance against Correctional Officer Schetter during the formal count at 3:40pm. Chester Pearson, an older man, was behind his door hanging up his towel, when Schetter was making his rounds. Correctional Officer Schetter observed Chester Pearson standing behind the door, after making eye contact with him, "he proceeded by opening my cell door and pushing it into me, hitting my hand against the wall, assaulting me," said Chester Pearson. Chester Pearson filed grievance number 1 against officer Schetter, it was handled by his Superior officer and good friend Sgt. Nississ, who supported Schetter. "Sgt. Nississ informed me that he was closing this matter and not to go any further with this complaint. I then wrote a letter to Lansing in protest of officer Schetter's Schetter behavior."

Prisoners must be protected from abuse of power. Correctional Officer Schetter and his friend Sgt. Nississ' conduct is unbecoming of a State of Michigan Correctional Officer. There has been so many complaints filed against Officer Schetter, assaults of all kinds which include sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, engaging or attempting to engage in sexual conduct and sexual harassment by touching a prisoner's penis. Several complaints have been filed against Correctional Officer Schetter by prisoners and Michigan Department of Corrections has swept it under the rug and attempted to blame the prisoners. All employees are expected to comply with department rules. Failure to do so should result in termination of their job with the Department of Corrections.

Whenever Officer Schetter broke a rule by sexual harassment or other sexual misconduct act by touching one's penis or whatever, he should be terminated and the acts should be reported to the State Police for prosecution. Any time he physically attacks a prisoner he should be held accountable for his actions, but that doesn't happen here in Marquette Branch Prison. One of the primary functions of Corrections is to enhance public safety and ensure just punishment for criminal behavior, but the warden refuses to enhance safety for prisoners at Marquette Branch Prison. We are living in the time when the tax payers must stand and fight for humanity. It is the time.

Rev. Pinkney