Sunday, January 31, 2016

Marquette Branch Prison: They Act like Gestapo!

The American concentration camp, commonly known as a plantation, inside Marquette Branch Prison. It took America 150 years to incarcerate its first million, but just twelve years to incarcerate its second million.
The Michigan Department of Corrections is a perfect example of a prison that locks people up for profit. Warden Robert Napel had an extra three million dollars of tax payers’ money, so he decided to help his friends by installing two million dollars worth of camera equipment and then remodel the gun tower, another million dollars, instead of improving the conditions of the prisoners.
The problem is the tax payers who refuse to develop a checks-and-balances system to protect tax dollars that belong to the tax payers of the State of Michigan. There are many ways the Michigan Department of Corrections steal money from the tax payers: (One) by hiring family and friends. (Two) by the misuse of state property and using such property for personal purposes. (Three) they remove items from State premises without proper authorization. The food is terrible, but the correctional officers eat every day they are at work at the Chow-Hall, without paying a single cent. This is once again stealing from the tax-payers. As a prisoner, you cannot take an apple from the Chow-Hall, but a correctional officer can, without any penalty. The correctional officers are stealing money from the tax-payers, without any remorse or concerns. Stop sleeping!
The correctional officers fail to report other correctional officers’ rule violations. An employee shall immediately report behavior of any employee who is in violation of departmental rules, policies, or procedures, to supervisory staff. But that will never ever happen; the good ol’ boys club at Marquette Branch Prison all work together to broke and steal tax payers’ money.
The other day, Warden Robert Napel’s cell phone went off inside the Chow-Hall. It is posted that you are not to have a cell-phone at the entrance, but the warden’s cell-phone went off inside the Chow-Hall. Then the very next day, the assistant warden Erica Huss’s cell phone went off. 
But this gets better! There are correctional officers who bring their cell phones into (N Dorm) and download different things off the Michigan Department of Corrections computer, on State time, and browse the internet, including and other websites almost every day. Let’s face the facts: the Marquette Branch Prison are stealing from the public tax dollars every day and committing crimes everyday by bringing in drugs and chewing tobacco. It is against the law to fail to report; a complete written report must be made no later than the end of the employee’s work day. Only the tax payers can stop them!

Rev. Pinkney