Saturday, January 09, 2016

Third Formal Complaint to MDOC Director Washington


Dear Director Heidi Washington:

This is my third formal complaint in reference to Officer Schetter [or Schretter]. This complaint is also against Officer Sare. The rules state all employees of the Department of Corrections are prohibited from retaliating against prisoners who raise or file a complaint.

Correctional Officer Schetter's behavior must stop. He has continuously threatened and intimidated me with his actions and gestures that has caused me great mental intimidation.

Every single day that Officer Schetter has been transferred to O dorm and all the days he is at work, four to five times a day, he would return to N dorm. He would talk with Correctional Officer Luokkala and any other officer to get them to write me a false misconduct ticket. He even was allowed to talk on the intercom several times.

On Jan. 2, 2016, I overheard Officer Schetter and Officer Sare talking in N dorm, in the barber shop room. Officer Schetter told Sare that Pinkney is LOP, we got him on LOP, find a reason to write him a ticket. I personally heard Officer Schetter say this to Officer Sare. This is conduct unbecoming of a Department of Corrections employee.

At 8:55pm before count Sgt. Hoult called me into the office and gave me a misconduct ticket (2). This was a retaliation ticket. Officer Sare was told to write a false document by Officer Schetter. Officer Schetter will continue this behavior until the Michigan Department of Corrections stops this illegal behavior.

Officer Sare came to my control area after the 9pm count and stated, “You are lucky. I just wrote you a misconduct ticket.” I stated, “What do that mean?” He would not say. I felt threatened by Officer Sare. I know that Officer Schetter has some kind of position with the union. I do not know how many of these correctional officers sympathize, who are in the union with him. This has created a hostile and dangerous environment for me. I do not know when I will be blindsided like on Jan. 2, 2016, by one of the correctional officers who may sympathize with him, violating MDOC rules and policies. It appears the officers have a plan to write as many false tickets as possible, knowing the Warden will do nothing to stop them from violating rules and policies of the MDOC.

I would like to be transferred for my own safety to a different facility. If not I would like to make a police report with the state police for my own protection. It appears you will not protect me from Officer Schetter. I am very concerned about Officer Schetter and his union members. I would like to have a meeting with you as soon as possible. Do not wait until something happens.

Rev. Edward Pinkney