Sunday, January 10, 2016

The inhumane treatment of prisoners

All emloyees are prohibited from treating prisoners in an inhumane manner.  Actions which affect personal welfare of the prisoner must be taken on a rational, objective, and non-arbitrary basis.

Due process must be observed when setting penalties so that the prisoners are protected from abuse of power.  The State of Michigan manual states these things.  An employee shall not act in a discriminatory or arbitrary manner or fail to observe required due process procedures:  unfortunately the Marquette Branch Prison, better known as the Nazi Germany Concentration Camp does not go by the rules of the MDOC.

The MDOC prohibits behavior involving criminal acts, contraband, and controlled substances - both on and off the job.  Prison guards have a special responsibility to the public to uphold the law and a duty to serve as role models for offenders, but not at Marquette.  The guards here could not be role models for dogs.

The MDOC has a zero-tolerance policy regarding possession, use, or introduction of controlled substances.  Zero tolerance means if a preponderance of evidence demonstrates that a guard
has used, possessed, attempted to introduce, or otherwise involved themselves with controlled substances, he must be discharged, but unfortunately, not at Marquette.  Controlled drugs are brought into Marquette Prison every single day of the week.  The warden knows all about the controlled substances.  (If he didn’t, he should.)

The presence of contraband within the prisons, where prisoners are housed, present a safety and security risk, and is there for prohibited.  Once again the Marquette Prison is above the low.  They also bring in tobacco, alcohol, and other controlled substances.  The guards bring it on state property with no penalties.  It is in their automobiles, clothes, purses, and pockets.  Including chewing tobacoco.

Employees shall not possess, introduce, or attempt to introduce intoxicants or controlled substances in the facility.  Such actions in a facility, which house prisoners, is a crime and shall result in discharge and referral for prosecution, but unfortunately not at Marquette.  Here the guards are above the law and the rules of the State of Michigan.  We must stop the Department of Corrections from stealing tax payer money!  At all cost, join me!