Sunday, January 03, 2016

Officer Schretter continuously threatens and intimidates Pinkney in Marquette Prison

Dear Director Heidi Washington,

This is a formal complaint in reference to Marquette Branch Prison and correctional officer Schretter.  Policy states that all employees of the Department of Corrections are prohibited from retaliating against anyone who raises a complaint.

Officer Schretter continuously threatens, intimidates, and harasses me.  The MDOC has allowed me to be in a hostile environment that has caused me mental intimidation.

Officer Schretter has continuously and openly practiced racism with the threat of violence.  He has discriminated against me with words and actions.  He uses abusive, threatening, intimidating, harrassing, and profane language.  His actions are degrading, not only for me, but my race.

I have spoken with the ARUS about correctional officer Schretter. She stated that is just the way he is.  Action must be taken.  He uses profane language all day and night against other prisoners also.
Officer Schretter is prohibited from retaliating against prisoners.  He goes to and reads, inviting other officers to join him.

I was an eye witness over ten times to Schretter in (N) dorm, 2pm to 10pm.  Over ten prisoners also reported they were eye witnesses to Schretter and Ms. Luokkal viewing  This is stealing taxpayer dollars, and is the misuse of state property.  You can verify my statements by pulling the hard drive of the computer in (N) dorm and review 2-10pm.  He used the MDOC computer for his own personal use and invited other officers to steal taxpayer money by reviewing non-MDOC items at  Employees have a special responsibility to support and uphold MDOC policy through their own actions and conduct.

You have placed me in a hostile environment.

Please contact the state police.  I want to file a criminal complaint against officer Schretter for the threat of violence against me.

Please contact me as soon as possible.

Rev. Edward Pinkney