Friday, January 01, 2016

Our broken and criminal judicial system

With the rate of exoneration at a historic high, wrongful convictions can no longer by ignored.  Every Sunday people can tune in to CNN to watch “Death Row Stories” or "Bet for Vindicated" and see how the judicial system has failed many innocent men and women.  The time these wrongfully convicted individuals spend in prison can be anywhere from a year to 3 or 4 decades.

Society gets an up-close look at judicial corruption from TV shows like these.  Some viewers will never look at the judicial system the same way again;  faith in the courts is shattered.  Once society was used to accepting whatever officers of the court said we never questioned why or how a person was criminally charged or convicted. But now we have the opportunity to sit back and watch how an innocent person is framed, maliciously prosecuted, and convicted.  The same system that was believed to protect us from harm can be seen destroying innocent lives.  Society’s faith in the judicial system has been shaken by wrongful convictions.  Can it be restored?

I would be lying if I said that the whole judicial system is corrupt.  Let’s say 95% is corrupt.  Why do the good people in our judicial system stand by while such misconduct takes place?  Why not call out those reponsible?  From the crooked cop all the way up to the judge who refuses to do the right thing for innocent people who have been wronged.  Many people are responsible for securing wrongful convicions.  When criminal prosecutors have absolute immunity in presenting a state’s case, how can they ever be held accountable for falsely prosecuting and convicting innocent people?  Consider last year’s record breaking number of exonerations: 125.  How many prosecutors, judges, police officers, or lawyers were fired or went to jail for their particitaion in these 125 wrongful convictions?  Or the hundreds of thousands of innocent people in prison and jail today around the country?

It is extremely sad to say, but for these crooked prosecutors, the motto may as well be:  Get a conviction by any means necessary, and let the chips fall where they may.

Prosecutors commit crimes by imprisoning innocent people and hide behind their absolute immunity.  When a prisoner’s innocence is finally revealed, my question is, how can society’s faith in the judicial system be restored?  Simply by taking away the absolute immunity?