Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Correctional officer Schretter continually discriminates against black prisoners

The Marquette Branch Prison, over 500 miles from Benton Harbor, is known as the “great concentration camp” of the US.  No action is taken to correct inappropriate behavior by prison officers.  No discipline for rule violations, no counseling, no service rating for performance problems.  Everyday officers violate rules.

Correctional officer Schretter continually discriminates against black prisoners.

Instead of providing good behavioral examples for criminal offenders, officers are one step from prison themselves.  Most have no morals.  The MDOC no longer forces officers to be good citizens.

Here at Marquette, we live in total fear.  Officers do not protect prisoners;  I had to break up a fight two nights ago.  Fights occur everyday;  tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife.  The mental strain, the intensity, is far too much for the average prisoner.  The writing of false misconduct tickets and the everyday threatening, intimdating, and harassing is just too much.  Warden Rob’t. Napel does nothing to protect the prisoners.

Lakeland Prison (level 2 facility) had not a single incident in over 8 months - here at Marquette (level 1 facility) there are 2 to 3 assaults per day.

Marquette officers are untrained, unskilled, unprofessional, and uneducated  =  out-of-control.  They are allowed to break MDOC rules.  It’s tantamount to stealing from taxpayers.

My biggest fear is that officers will plant a weapon in my locker or control area.