Sunday, January 31, 2016

Correctional Officer Schretter steals money from tax payers

We are living at a time when State workers are allowed to do whatever they want to do. Anytime you have a correctional officer threatening, intimidating and harassing prisoners at will, and the warden keeps silent about it, you have a major problem. 
Correctional Officer Schretter, for the last two months, has been using the Michigan Department of Corrections computer for his own personal use. He has been going to and inviting other correctional officers, on the department’s time, to review the website, which is a good thing for me. I want everybody to know what is going on inside Marquette Branch Prison. But it is a violation of the Department of Corrections policy. I have been an eyewitness ten times or more of Correctional Officer Schretter watching my website and other non-MDOC activities; more than ten other prisoners reported seeing him doing that as well.
Further, Correctional Officer Schretter has been the executor of a retaliation by the Department of Corrections for lawful First Amendment activity: Schretter has continuously threatened, intimidating and harassing me. With speech, action and gesture, which have caused me mental intimidation inside the Marquette Branch Prison. He even attempted to assault me. The Warden has ordered him to torture me.
Marquette Branch Prison is a concentration camp with nineteen head-counts every day and sixteen of these times, you must be on the bunk.
There is no other prison which operates like this in the whole country. This is the lowest level of prison that a person can be in, but they are now allowing the prison to be out of control.
The warden will be installing over forty cameras, which is stupidity, when you can just improve the conditions. The sad part is that the Department of Corrections is deceiving the public, the tax-payers. You have correctional officers doing nothing but talking with other correctional officers and playing on the internet on the department’s and public’s time and money. They are actually stealing from the public.
There is a lot of tension here at Marquette Branch Prison and the reason is simple: the correctional officers are untrained, unskilled, unprofessional, uneducated, and out of control. I spoke to the ARUS about Schretter’s behavior, and she stated: this is just the way he is. 
The public, the taxpayers, must start holding the Michigan Department of Corrections accountable for their actions and inactions. The Department of Corrections waste millions and millions of tax payers’ dollars on correctional officers who are stealing from the public every single day. 
The misuse of State property and threatening and harassing prisoners is conduct unbecoming a department of the State of Michigan.
The public must stop the stealing of the tax-payers’ money by the Department of Corrections and their officers. Let’s hold them accountable for their actions!
I want you to contact the State Police here in Marquette, Michigan. I want to file a criminal complaint against Correctional Officer Schretter for threatening me. I will need everybody’s help. I have no intent of allowing him to continue with his conduct unbecoming a department employee. He believes he has the warden’s blessing. Let’s continue this fight! It is not just one thing, it is everything!

Rev. Pinkney