Monday, December 28, 2015

Noel Night Demonstration in Detroit

Free Rev. Pinkney demonstrators at Noel Night in Detroit
On December 5, supporters demonstrated for "Free Rev. Pinkney" at the Noel Night event in Detroit. They also sang Christmas songs with new lyrics written by supporter Martha G., like this one (to the tune of "Away in the Manger").

Away in a jail cell, without a soft bed,
They’ve jailed Edward Pinkney for things that he said

For telling the truth the state locked him away,
for false frameup charges he’s caged night and day

In the town Benton Harbor where Whirlpool rules
It’s a company town but the people aren’t fools.

They stood up to injustice, said their park must be saved
Led by Reverend Pinkney with his spirit so brave.

To recall the mayor and take the town back
Petitions were signed against big money’s hack

Then the state said they found that there were some false dates
With no case against Pinkney they sealed his sad fate

30 months to ten years, just how cruel can they be?
No right to make phone calls, in solidarity

Without decent clothes, decent food or health care
Way, way up north in the middle of nowhere

With his life ever threatened, it’s worse every day
So the people united must stand up and say

Free Reverend Pinkney, we will save his life
And let him spend Christmas in the arms of his wife!