Sunday, August 03, 2014

More Dirty Tricks by Whirlpool & It's Government Stooges

Whirlpool Wants Congress to Ban Class-Action Suits Tied to Energy Star Program:
After government testing showed that scores of consumer products carrying the Energy Star label did not deserve the listing, a wave of class-action lawsuits was filed against the companies that manufacture the products. A bill introduced by Representative Robert Latta, a Republican whose Ohio district is home to several Whirlpool factories, would prohibit class-action lawsuits if the E.P.A. came up with a remedy, like reimbursing consumers, for products that did not live up to their billing.  

Stop unmonitored, untested, irresponsible initiatives in energy followed by limits on liability.  
Have faith in the force of right and not in the right of force.