Friday, July 25, 2014

Pinkney trial October 27, 2014 - mark your calender

Michael Sepic of Berrien County is a corrupt prosecutor who does not work for the people, 
but works to please Whirlpool. For my current prosection (persecution) Sepic and the 
sheriff brought in a hired gun to testify: Mark Geoff. Geoff is a forensic document examiner
with the Mich. State Police.

Geoff's testimony was limited to an opinion having no substance. He claimed the dates 
were changed with different ink, which made no sense at all. However, he specifically testified that he could not determine who made the changes or when they were made.   
Geoff provided no evidence regarding who did it or when it was done.

There is absolutely no evidence that a crime was committed. Every single person who signed the petition told the sheriff they signed the petition on the date or altered
(corrected) the date themselves. There was no crime committed. 

Prosecutors continue to lie, cheat, and manufacture evidence to send innocent citizens to
prison. They have no accountability, and hide behind the prosecutorial immunity law like 
the cowards they really are.

If you do not believe these sort of things happen, you are living in an isolated world. If you think this does not happen in your city, you are wrong. Here in Berrien County it happens every single day the courthouse is open. Removal of the Benton Harbor population is the goal - by any means necessary.

Rev. Edward Pinkney