Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bomb threat from Tulsa Whirlpool Employee

22-year-old Whirlpool employee arrested after bomb threat sent through email promises carnage

Employees of Whirlpool Corporation are safe after a bomb threat was called in late Sunday night.
Police say the human resource director for Whirlpool stated that she received and email from Elite Workforce, a temporary staffing agency used by the company. The email was in regards to an employee, 22-year-old Arielle Yvonne Jackson, who was making threats toward her family members and planning to bring a bomb to work the following day.
According to the booking report, when the director opened the email from Elite Workforce around Sunday night there was a picture of Jackson holding what appeared to be a shotgun with the caption “a shower of bullets and blood splatter are a drop in the bucket compared to the carnage of the bomb" Jackson was allegedly bringing to work the next day.
The email contained a second picture, that of Jackson with her family and a caption: "This was my family – I killed all of them.”
After seeing the email, the director drove to work and set up a conference call to discuss the next steps, one of which included a call to the sheriff's office.
All 12 employees were evacuated from the building due to the threat. After a walk-through the building was declared “bomb free.”
TPD spoke with Jackson hours later and she said she did not send the email, according to the report. Jackson also stated the email address that sent the threat is not her account.
Deputies searched Jackson’s residence near 91st and Peoria and found no explosive devices. However, a large amount of firearms and ammunition were found. Several items were confiscated and booked into the sheriff’s office property room.
A second possible suspect mentioned in the email with the bomb threat was contacted by police, who say the woman stated she didn’t know why Jackson would say she was involved. She also stated that she works with Jackson on a regular basis but rarely speaks with Jackson outside of work.
Jackson was booked into the Tulsa County Jail early Monday morning on $50,000 bond.