Friday, June 27, 2014

I saved my own life from Whirlpool's stooges

Berrien County Sheriff department, Sheriff Bailey, and prosecutor Mike Sepic were out 
trying to get people to say they did not sign recall petitions on the date which they had 
signed.  Prosecutor Sepic and Sheriff Bailey were working against the people of Benton
Harbor by intimidating and harassing.

My case is one which they concocted in order to silence me. There is no evidence at all 
that the acts constituting a crime were in fact committed by me, Rev. Edward Pinkney, or that a crime was even committed.

Prosecutor Mike Sepic and Sheriff Bailey sent an army to my home to arrest me. The army
surrounded my home.  I believe they came to murder me.  The prosecutor and sheriff had a warrant for my arrest.  If they had called, I would have turned myself in.  An army of law Enforcers was not necessary.   I really believe these devils were out to kill me. I could have saved my own life by simply not being at home when the Swat Team arrived.

We the people must stand together and stop the corruption that exists in Berrien County and this country.

What the prosecutor Mike Sepic is doing to the residents of Benton Harbor is criminal. He is working with Whirlpool Corporation to destroy as many lives as possible in Benton Harbor.

Remember, Mayor James Hightower warned the people he was going to use all of his resources, Whirlpool Corporation, Lakeland Hospital, prosecutor Mike Sepic, Sheriff Bailey, and the County Clerk Sharon Tyler.  We need the country to stand with us against this corrupt group.  

Rev. Edward Pinkney