Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Michigan's Shame

Historically, the US has jailed or murdered many
Blacks who have risen to leadership positions and
challenged institutional and government racism. The
list is long.

History is attempting to repeat itself in Berrien
County where Granholm-appointed Judge Butzbaugh is
ordering me to stand trial on the testimony of Brenda
Fox. Ms. Fox is not a credible witness, and an
honorable judge would not let her near a witness
stand. I'm sorry to say she is a crack addict.

During my preliminary examination which would have
received high ratings on Comedy Central (no
exaggeration), Ms. Fox stated that on Feb. 22, '05
(election day), she took ten people to the clerk's
office to vote absentee. The deputy clerk said there
is NO voting at the clerk's office on election day -
and, that absentee voting cannot be done on election

Ms. Fox did these things: stated that I paid these
ten people $5 each to vote, AND signed an affadavit
stating that I never paid anyone to vote....

This is the state of "justice" in the Berrien County
Courthouse. I am being tried for voter fraud (paying
people to vote) and the prosecutors and judges cannot
find a credible witness to substantiate the claim.
Yet, there will be a trial.
No date yet. Incredibly, the way I learned about
Judge Butzbaugh's decision to go to trial was by
reading it in the Herald-Palladium.

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