Sunday, January 26, 2014

The tough guys strike again in Benton Harbor

Yesterday was another bad day for Benton Harbor residents.  Law enforcement took five $10 bags of marijuana from five houses.  As per usual, these opportunities to imprison more BH residents happened courtesy of BHPD collaborating with the Berrien county sheriff.  

The tough guys are at it again. 

And, as per usual, the radio immediately began reporting it as some big deal drug bust.  Keeps BH residents in the state of fear.

They would find a lot more "street drugs" in St. Joe, but US representative Fred Upton's town will continue to operate how ever it wants to without scrutiny of any kind.  The Whirlpool heir and his surroundings are untouchable.  He and his law enforcement tough guys will continue to ruin lives in Benton Harbor until people figure out a way to stop them.

How do we show our playground bullies a humane way to behave in the world before they grow up and cause serious life tragedies?