Wednesday, January 22, 2014

ANOTHER African-American male found dead in Benton Harbor

Benton Harbor police dept. - most corrupt in US?

A Benton Harbor, Michigan man was found dead in the snow on Wednesday, January 15. Friends and family asked city commissioners to help them find answers to how and why their son died.

Benton Harbor police said they do not believe foul play was involved in the death of 18 year old Karrington Penny Morrow.  He was found unresponsive in the front yard of 420 Empire Ave, Benton Harbor on January 1.  His parents, Kimberly Penny Word and Robert Morrow, want someone to be held accountable for their son's death. 
The family wants a thorough and independent investigation.

"There is more to this than what we're being told," said Penny Word, who spoke to the Benton Harbor commissioners during the city Legislative Committee meeting, "and the very manner that we were told was wrong in itself.  Detective Smigielski kept saying there was no foul play."  Yet, serious questions remain unanswered.

The parents gave a copy of a Facebook message to the commissioners. It shows that something else was going on, and that the Benton Harbor police department may be part of the cover-up.  Police told Ms. Word not to share this message until the investigation is over.

Penny Word said persons who were with her son that night said someone slipped a "molly" (illegal street drug) into her son's drink, a drink served by the mother in the home Karrington was visiting.  Penny Word wants that person held accountable, further stating that he would have been at Lansing Community College in two weeks. 

Ms. Word said when she got the phone call at her Mississippi home, she was told that her son had died and no foul play was suspected. Despite the fact that three Black bodies have been found floating in the river, the police amazingly continue to say there was and is no foul play.  In all the cases.
Penny Word said, "I can't fathom there not being foul play, or even making that statement within two minutes of talking to me.  My child is dead."
Moreover, in a blatant display of racist insensitivity, Det. Smigielski wanted to know why she (Ms. Word) was "so upset." 
The parents of the deceased 18 year old said they were told their son was drinking alcohol though he was underage, and that the alcohol was furnished by an adult woman at the house.

The obvious question is, who was Karrington with?  Ms. Word said, "If this adult served my child alcohol, why can't she be charged with murder or wrongful death?  If this person would have been black she would be in jail and charged with murder.  Apparently, someone at her home slipped a molly into my son Karrington's drink."

Ms. Word said Berrien county prosecutor Mike Septic told her that if the
woman is charged with anything, it be would be a "misdemeanor."
"He's deceased!" Ms. Word said, "and I can't see that being a misdemeanor."

The parent said that Det. Wes Smigielski is trying to cover up any foul play, because he has a relationship with the white woman who served the drinks.  Det. Smigielski is known for covering up crimes in against blacks in Benton Harbor by white people.

Smigielski said the case is "closed."  It's apparent to Benton Harbor residents, familiar with police dept. activities, Smigielski is again protecting his white friends.

Deputy Chief Dan McGinnis said Karrington was identified by his wallet. However, the wallet was not found in his pocket.  It was found in his car 2 days after the media announced his death.  (Another lie by BHPD.)

McGinnis also said Karrington's father has asked the public safety dept. at least twice not to press charges against the adult woman who was serving drinks to a minor. However, Karrington's father said he never said anything
like that.  Another BHPD lie.

Benton Harbor, Michigan has the worst police department in the nation. A city with a 94% black population and yet the police department is 95% white and does not support the community.

As corruption rolls on in the city of Benton Harbor, we should be thinking about dissolving the BHPD. They continue to support the likes of Wes Smigielski and Dan McGinnis.

Benton Harbor has possibly the most corrupt police department in the nation.
Former police officer Andrew Collins planted drugs on more than 200 citizens of Benton Harbor.  Presently, we no longer have Andrew Collins, but now have Wes Smigielski who is known for his open practices of racism in Benton Harbor. 

Three bodies have been found floating in the river, and we believe that the police have something to do with these apparent murders.  Benton Harbor citizens are constantly harassed by the police. Thus, when we speak of a police state, we are describing the horrible daily reality in Benton Harbor.

Rev. Edward Pinkney