Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Whirlpool continues to push Benton Harbor into unthinkable poverty

Press Release

Contact Rev. Edward Pinkney
I would like to thank the voters who came out to vote on Nov. 5, 2013 in Benton Harbor.
I disagreed with No voters. I believe the No voters were wrongheaded and out of touch with reality.  (This refers to voting No on the city income tax.)
There were a variety of issues that were simply not true, and the media refused to address them.
This would have been an opportunity for the city of Benton Harbor to become self-sufficient and self-governed.
You can drive through any block on the residential side of Main St. where people don't or won't vote, or a block where people vote but do not have political connections, or a block where people vote and Whirlpool Corp. gave lots of money to James Hightower for the No vote, and I will show you the hell and purgatory that Benton Harbor residents live in  -  and NOBODY cares.  (To be clear, Hightower used the donated Whirlpool money to convince residents to vote No on the city income tax.  Whirlpool can always count on Hightower to take money and do their bidding.)

The real winners are the residents who voted Yes and the real loser is Whirlpool Corporation: the world knows what Whirlpool really is.