Tuesday, November 12, 2013

More people being disappeared in Benton Harbor

Marcus Muhammad asks emergency manager about recent arrests of residents, and cops receiving gift card to stores such as Target for each arrest they make.   


The following is a memorandum to the Emergency Manager Tony Saunders II.  

As the Chairman of the Legislative Committee I am requesting an investigation into the "arrest for gifts" campaign by the Benton Harbor Public Safety Department. 

I would like to know how much cash was distributed to police officers for arrest? How many gift cards have been distributed for arrest. What were the reason for arrest? What types of gifts or awards/incentives were promised to public safety officers to make such arrest? How many arrest have been made since this proposal or program was initiated?

Cash, gift cards, awards and trinkets for arrest is an unethical practice. The City of Benton Harbor is currently in litigation concerning unsavory and illegal arrest. This award system has proven to be against "best practices. "

I am requesting that a moratorium on the "arrest for cash, gift cards and awards campaign" be effective immediately.

I look forward to your response. Thank you for reading these words.

Respectively submitted, 
Marcus Muhammad
Commissioner at Large
City of Benton Harbor