Monday, April 20, 2009

There is no better beach for weddings than Klock, HP, 4/16/09


I would like all of your readers to know how lucky they are to have a beach jewel in their neighborhood. Do not let development take this pristine beach, grasses and place of solitude. I am a professional wedding photographer, and I have captured two wedding ceremonies on Jean Klock Beach and numerous engagement sessions and wedding shoots.
I refer brides to this location for a beach weddings all the time. I just moved north from Allegan and I capture a lot of Lake Michigan beach weddings. Please know that Jean Klock Park is as private, pristine and perfect as any of the beaches on Lake Michigan - I have captured images on most of them. Enjoy Jean Klock Park and help to save this fabulous beach and park.

Paul Retherford, Rudyard, Mich.