Monday, April 20, 2009

Herald Palladium WATCH

Morale gets a boost when the news is good, HP, 4/15


How refreshing it has been to read mostly good news instead of reading about murders, rapes, etc., on the front page of our newspaper lately.
In fact, the entire paper seems upbeat. It helps my morale, and I expect might do the same for others. So keep the good stuff coming!

Alice Collins, St. Joseph

[Alice, You couldn't have summed it up better. Thanking the HP for a pleasant dose of only "good" stories. A nice St. Joe person asking for nice news - not the ugly actions of those creating havoc all around you. Not the courthouse news. Not the high rate of incarcerations being handed down right in your town to innocent people. Not the police/sheriff brutality happening in neighboring communities so close you could walk there. You want to live in denial as do many/most in your town.
Thank you, Alice Collins, for coming right out and saying it with crystal clarity.

Now, imagine a newspaper with a mission to tell the truth all the time.
That would be an interesting read. No dictates from corporate/business/legal system/Upton interests. Actual investigative or at least thorough reporting - even on "happy" topics. Papers like this have been known to change history and/or have a positive impact on their community. Human beings become civic minded when they fully understand what's going on around them. That's the last thing the controlling entities want, however.]