Thursday, April 16, 2009

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Official [OFFICIAL PROPAGANDA]: Benton Township police chase ended in suicide

After reviewing videotape, reports, county prosecutor Cotter says Quintis Pratt shot himself

By J. Dalgleish, HP 4/15/09

BENTON TOWNSHIP - Quintis Pratt shot and killed himself after the stolen car he drove crashed following an April 3 police chase in Benton Township, Berrien County Prosecutor Arthur Cotter said Tuesday. [WHY WAS HIS SUICIDE NOT IN THE HP'S FIRST REPORT? SEE BELOW, MON. APRIL 6,]

Cotter said evidence shows that Pratt, 24, of Benton Township, suffered a gunshot wound to the head at close range and police found a revolver in his lap. [HE SHOOTS HIMSELF IN THE HEAD, THEN PLACES GUN IN HIS LAP? HOW STUPID DO YOU THINK READERS ARE?] Cotter said he concluded it was a suicide after reviewing police car videotape and investigators' reports. [WHY DID COTTER HAVE TO REVIEW IT? FOUL PLAY COVER-UP ATTEMPT? FIRST THEY CLAIM A CAR CRASH KILLED HIM. (WE KNEW THE CAR CRASH COULD NOT HAVE KILLED HIM.) NOW IT'S A SUICIDE. BERRIEN COUNTY NEEDS A DEPT. OF JUSTICE INVESTIGATION, AND HAS FOR YEARS.]

"I looked at the video and it's abundantly clear he was dead" as township police officers walked toward the car, Cotter said. [THE PEOPLE NEED TO REVIEW THE VIDEO - COTTER IS NOT TRUSTWORTHY.]

The Berrien County Sheriff's Department handled the investigation. [ANOTHER OUT-OF-CONTROL AGENCY.]

Cotter said the incident began at 6:14 a.m. April 3 when someone stole Elisha Durhan's Dodge Cirrus while her husband left it to warm up near their apartment along Union Avenue in Benton Township.

Police spotted the car around 11 a.m. along Britain Avenue and began a pursuit, which lasted for a half-mile. Pratt lost control of the car, and it crashed into a chain link fence at the corner of Beveridge and Britain avenues. [YOU FIRST REPORTED THE CHAIN LINK FENCE CRASH KILLED HIM - WE KNEW THIS TO BE FALSE.]

The crash happened east of Crystal Avenue, near Boynton Montessori School. Township Police Chief Vince Fetke said the two patrol cars in pursuit backed off as they approached the school. [BENTON TOWNSHIP NEVER BACKS OFF.]

Cotter said Pratt's father, Emmit Pratt, told investigators that his son months before had vowed he would never go back to prison. Cotter said the fear of prison could have motivated Pratt to kill himself. [PRATT KNEW STEALING A CAR WOULD NOT GET HIM SENT TO PRISON.]

Ironically, Cotter said, there was a fair chance a car theft conviction might not have meant prison time. He said Pratt did not get time for a drug delivery conviction last year.

According to the Michigan Department of Corrections Web site, Pratt completed a four-year prison term last year for possession of a sawed-off shotgun. He served a year before that for larceny in a building. The sentences were handed down in Berrien County.