Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Fact Worth Repeating - Whirlpool Spreads Garbage

A few years ago, Jack Nicklaus visited the Benton Harbor, Michigan area to view land where a Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course was to be built along with a huge resort called Harbor Shores. They* wanted desperately to convince Nicklaus that it would be a wonderful and fair act to develop the publicly owned Jean Klock Park. So, before Nicklaus arrived, they* trucked garbage to a grassy area in JK Park, easily viewed from hwy. 63. The garbage was a combination of appliances and general trash from a popular nearby dumping area, trash left from a recent triathlon, and even laminated Harbor Shores maps strewn all over the long, neat, linear garbage pile, at least 100 feet long.

Thus, Nicklaus was given the impression that people in Benton Harbor kept their land covered in garbage. This ploy was designed to influence Mr. Nicklaus; he wouldn't feel badly about destroying such a mess.

The mess was not cleaned up by them.* In fact, it wasn't cleaned up until Richard Marsh was hired as BH city manager.

*Harbor Shores - Cornerstone Alliance - Whirlpool


Anonymous said...

LOL! Even die-hard conspiracy theorists would have a hard time swallowing that tall tale. Hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

Lets see, I go to Jean Klock every summer because the beach is nice and there is NO BODY there. That is right NO BODY there. Before Harbor Shores even came up that place was a dump around there. People used that land as a dumping ground for their stuff. EVeryday there was a new set of tires, new pile of garbage. So what the hell are you talking about. That beach was hardly used and we all know it. Now it is going to be a great area and all you people are doing is bitching and complaining. Find something else to bitch about. Like why President Obama has a failing grade for his first year. Or why our country is in another depression. Dont complain about the good things that are gonna happen. Oh wait BANCO finds the humor is not telling the truth. That is why Pickney was tossed in jail. Oh yeah come up with a new shirt because the 10 most wanted on your shirt most are either dead or gone away from here.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, so you liked the beach at JKP? Sure hope you like nature destroyed permanently by your corporate boss! By the way, who's complaining?

Anonymous said...

Ok people, the picture that you see with the garbage lined up so neatly was taken after everyone went into the brush and took all that crap out of there. I know I was there when they where doing that. None of the crap in the picture could you see before. so that picture was taken after Nicklaus was already there and signed the papers to make the golf course. Here we go again with BANCO making false claims about the real problems.... BANCO just quit putting lies on the website. Seriously you idiots.

Gordon said...

"Name calling is a technique of the dishonest & desperate." --Anon.

It's highly likely that WP/HS/CA never apprised Nicklaus of the JKP public legacy. It doesn't take a rocket scientist. Knowing their modus operandi, why would they?

8/8/07 HPalladium reports Jack Nicklaus will be in Benton Harbor on Sunday 8/12

8/9/07 There are 3 reports to BH police siting 2 pick-up trucks dumping trash near hole 9 (see photos)

8/9/07 or thereabouts WNDU reports
on trash and how HS would clean it up