Tuesday, June 20, 2006

No, Whirlpool Will Not Provide Jobs in Benton Harbor

National Public Radio: "200 jobs are coming to Benton Harbor."
This is the biggest lie there is. Believe me, past history shows us that the last thing Whirlpool will do for Benton Harbor residents is provide jobs. Years ago, Whirlpool outsourced most of our jobs for cheap labor. People were not a part of their considerations. At all. The only real news about jobs is that the city of Benton Harbor just laid off 13 employees. Here is a report from Sandy in Chicago:

Saturday, June 17, 2006
NPR had a 3 1/2 minute radio piece on Benton Harbor today saying 200 jobs and hundreds of homes are coming into Benton Harbor and the city is getting back on its feet with downtown art galleries opening and events, etc. A Whirlpool representative was on saying that that employers left because of the workforce - BH workers don't have the confidence and skills for the jobs! Also, that 300 homes are being built. They had a poor resident on the program saying she's getting one of them. (This sounds similar to a Chicago program that opened a few homes in a condo project to the poor.) They also mentioned that 1/2 of homes are boarded up and many still don't have hope that things will change. You can listen at
http://wkar.org/morningedition/story.php?storyid=945 . Tony in Washington sent us this information; he suggested that someone do a letter to morning edition about it. It aired on the NPR affiliate stations.

http://www.wndu.com/news/062006/news_50553.php announced that up to 13 Benton Harbor city employees could be laid off later this month..commissioners approved a $7.6 million budget for the next fiscal year, which is about $500,000 less than last year. The city manager blames it on cuts in state revenue and the expiration of the city's enterprise zone. He says the layoffs will be across the board.

http://www.wndu.com/news/052006/news_49938.php announces that 400 jobs are coming to BH from Whirlpool.

Rev. Edward Pinkney
BANCO, 1940 Union St., Benton Harbor, MI 49022
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Anonymous said...

the benton harbor uneducated commissioner voted for the take over of benton harbor by whirlpool on monday.the commissioner voted for the start of harbor shores project ,the problem whirlpool had already started the project before the uneducated commissioner voted.the take over is final
whirlpool steal benton harbor

Anonymous said...

All you guys are a bunch of idiots. Were would Benton Harbor be with out WHIRLPOOL. A company like whirpool you need an education to get a job something that 80 percent of benton harbor does not have. Also you need to be off drugs and stuff. Here is the thing, Most of you have a mind set that is unreal, you look in the past and cry about what occurred and now that things are good you try to bring up the past. Quit with all the racial shit and do something else. No one makes somebody drop out of school or do drugs. They all have minds wuit blaming the white race.

Anonymous said...

whirlpool should pack up there bag and get the hell out of benton harbor ,whirlpool have done nothing but robbed and rape the city for years.the world see what whirlpool is doing. when will the people stand up and fight.


Anonymous said...

America is in a criss ,as industry shuts down ,cities and towns are being taken over by corporations like whirlpool.In cities once known as center of manufacturing ,thousands of families have no water ,no health insurance,whirlpool run local government,pass new laws to legalize the theft OF A WHOLE CITY.WHEN DO IT STOP.

The Question said...

Uhm... Whirlpool should leave Benton Harbor and go to a town that would appreciate just how altruistic they are. Instead they stay and work to fix the town.

Unfortunately they are being stopped by people like this.

Now ask yourself this. Why would ANY company come to Benton Harbor when Benton Harbor treats Whirlpool like this? I certainly wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how many people believe Whirlpool is so bad for the community, but provide zero facts to support it.

All of you that complain need to focus your energy on educating people with the skills necessary to compete in the global economy so that Whirlpool will hire you; and they will if you are qualified.