Tuesday, June 27, 2006

An all-white jury is unfair to a Black defendant

A member of the jury stated that Rev. Pinkney was down seven votes before any evidence was presented in his trial. The Whirlpool game and County Clerk Stine's first cousin were in control. The jury was tainted from the start of the trial. Berrien County prosecutors and law enforcement officers attempted to influence the jury outside the court, offering bribes, coercing, making threats or asking acquaintances to intercede with the jury.

There is an unwritten policy in Berrien County. When it comes to Benton Harbor residents, county District Attorney James Cherry has an unwritten policy in violation of the federal law, excluding Blacks and Jews from juries in any criminal cases.

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that jury pools must represent a fair cross-section of the county. This is a well-kept secret in the United States--the extreme corruption of the United States judiciary system.

The system that picks people for jury duty in Berrien County consistently overlooks Blacks and minorities and favors whites. The jurors are supposed to be selected at random--not so in Berrien County. People living in white neighborhoods are twenty-five times as likely to be called for jury service than residents of Black neighborhoods. While one in five adults in the county are Black, fewer than one in every seventy people in the jury room is Black. This imbalance leads many people in Benton Harbor to cast a reasonable doubt on the promise and purpose of the courts to provide a fair trial by a jury of one's peers. While Blacks don't get the same chance to judge, there is no shortage of them being judged. Over a 12-month period, Black defendants in jury trials outnumber whites 30-2. Presiding over all those trials are white criminal judges. If you see no one on the jury that represents you socially, economically, or racially and the jury is about to judge the appropriateness of your action, you can see why somebody might be very, very wary of the jury. An all-white jury is unfair to a Black defendant.

Benton Harbor, Michigan, has more Black Americans in prison per capita than any other city and now the state wants the death penalty. We must stand up and fight. There is a war going on, the haves against the have-nots, rich against poor, class against class. If we do not hang together, we will surely hang separately.

Rev. Edward Pinkney
BANCO, 1940 Union St., Benton Harbor, MI 49022
(legal fees being accepted and very much needed for my Sept. 19 trial)


Anonymous said...

i know personally this is the truth
whites have all white juries but a black person can not have a all black jury.there is something wrong with this picture.


The Question said...

Once again you display your ignorance of the system. It would seem that by mere osmosis you would absorb some of this through your loitering at the courthouse.

How many black residents of Benton Harbor fill out the jury questionaires? A lot I would assume, but less per capita than white St Joseph would.

Benton Harbor has an incredibly high crime rate. People like BANCO like to place the blame on whites in general, but mostly in Whirlpool and St Joseph.

Let us assume for the sake of argument that this is indeed the case and you are truthful in your allegations. What are you doing to change it? You are whining, but are you trying to help? Organizing neighborhood cleanups? Getting the trash companies to donate dumpsters for a neighborhood cleanup effort?

Nope, you are hanging out at the courthouse. You are a criminal Pinkney and not even a good one. You should modify your schedule and do some good with your time instead of just the evil. Then people wouldn't automatically figure out what you are. Instead you choose to merely cover yourself with the "Reverend" title. Heck I don't even remember hearing you mention God or God's plan or anything ever in any of your missives.

Ok, go ahead... call me a judge, lawyer, cop, etc... you always do. Truth is I have set foot in a court room once in my life and that was for my divorce. You know the secret to my success? DON'T COMMIT CRIMES.

Anonymous said...

It figures that only a white person would make an ignorant comment regarding "hanging out at the courthouse". The truth is that I myself am a good, loving, law-abiding, highly educated citizen, but neither I, nor my friends or husband have EVER been called once for jury duty in any courtroom here in St. Joseph or Mishawaka. How convenient that everyone in the court was a young African American and every attorney and judge is white. How convenient that my child is being called names by a teacher in a school with only white teachers, white principals in a Black neighborhood. How convenient that every shelter, rescue mission, liquor store is placed down here in St. Joseph so that the Black community can what..."succeed????" Being called into court and having a fair trial has absolutely NOTHING to do with filling out a questionaire or doing community service. It has to do with being equal and fair treatment, and not being sent into a courtroom where the judge is related to some of the white jurors. And if your feeling defensive, it's because you've done something wrong, otherwise it wouldn't bother you that a Black man is asking for help. In New York, everybody gets called for jury duty ALL the time. At least it's fair down there. The secret to your success - is being born white.

Anonymous said...

I like to add that, It is true we are n a racist world, the crimes seems high in black community because theres less order, No security No structures and note that whites has been at the top of the ladder since the beginning of time.
Making blacks at the bottom of the ladder and ones before us was not allowed to read, write or go to schools, giveing whites ahead start to be able to pass down inheritance to there kids kids, less worries of how their to eat, pay bills etc. One must be honest of this!! Fact!! A RACIST WORLD!);

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