Friday, January 06, 2023

Benton Harbor ARPA funding - Has fraud been committed?

Rev. Pinkney found a media report listing recipients of Benton Harbor’s $9.8 million ARPA funds. The city filed the lists (see the end for the most recent list) on 4/19/21 and 4/20/22. American Rescue Plan Act distributes federal money to municipalities to aid Americans in covid recovery. At least that's the stated purpose. 

The problem is, there is no evidence or record of ARPA grants or funding 

in the Benton Harbor community.

Rev. Pinkney believes the city has acted illegally in four ways:

- Bank Fraud

- False Statement to a Financial Institution

- Money Laundering

- Fraud Scheme

By filing the list below, the city states to the federal gov. that everything on the list is true. Pinkney does not believe the list is correct and true, so therefore, Wire Fraud has also been committed.

He wants the city to supply the following information:

   1.  Why were there no ARPA funding community meetings? 

No community discussion? Other towns included residents in the funding decisions.

   2.  Was there a vote on the list below?

   3.  Who in Benton Harbor has the authority to assign the massive figure of one and a half million dollars to anybody? 

The amount itself definitely warrants a discussion among residents!

Benton Harbor residents reading this list will most likely question it's veracity.

Residents relief                   1,560, 000. (million!)

Renter assistance                500,000.  

Utilities                                500,000.

Internet access.                   30,000.

Neighborhood improvement 

Vacant Lot clean up            150,000.

Park Safety improvements  350.000.

Block Club                            40,000.

Youth Employment             200,000.

Camera System                    250,000.

Fire Hydrants                       75,000.

Water& Sewer                      1,200, 000.

Non profit- Small Business loans   112, 882. 

Church internet                    30,000.

Community Garden             12,882.

Income tax                             250,000.