Friday, November 17, 2017

The Three Blind Mice Court of Appeal Judges, O'Brien, Kelly, Fort Hood must go...

 The American Criminal Justice System, a system where justice is totally absent. There is no such thing as justice in America for people of color. The Lady with the scales of justice is imbalanced especially against people of color. We must continue to fight against this grave imbalanced to ensure a humane and just future for all people. We must demand that justice is served.

The Three Blind Mice on Michigan Court of Appeals, should have reversed this conviction for four reasons. I will give you a couple of reasons. The most important reason, I argued that this conviction must be reversed is because MCL 168. 937 does not create the substantive offence of election forgery. Second, I argue that this conviction must be reversed because the prosecutor presented no evidence to support his conviction, absolutely no evidence that Rev Pinkney committed any crime. Rev Pinkney was right on point. There was absolutely no evidence to convict him.

The Three Blind Mice stated Rev Pinkney was the leader so he must have done it, if he did not do it he told somebody to forge the recall petition. This is ridiculous. The prosecutor presented absolutely no evidence to support convicting Rev Pinkney. The jury was motivated by something other than the truth; if the jury was honest it would have found Rev Pinkney not guilty.

Rev Pinkney additionally argued on Appeal to the Three Blind Mice judges, that his conviction must be reversed, because the trial court erroneously instructed the jury that it could convict Rev Pinkney under an aiding and abetting theory. The Three Blind Mice, O Brien, Kelly and Fort-Hood all disagree with Rev Pinkney you could see the corruption on their face.

Finally, Rev Pinkney argues that his conviction must be reversed, because other evidence introduced was Rev Pinkney bringing Danny Glover, Jeremiah Wright, Cynthia McKinney, Jessie Jackson and several others. The prosecutor even mention BANCO; what does that have to do with forgery on a recall petition? This violation of MRE 404(B) his constitutional right to free speech and his constitutional right to due process was violated.

The Three Blind Mice, Obrien, Kelly, Fort-Hood were legislating from the bench. You can not legislate from the bench. The communities all around the state of Michigan are sick and tired of the Michigan Court of Appeal Court. We must remove all these bad apples and there are a lot of them. We must demand justice be served for all the people and not just a select few. We must remove the Three Blind Mice from office. Let's vote them out.  

Rev. Edward Pinkney