Saturday, November 11, 2017

Rev Edward Pinkney goes to the Michigan Supreme Court to enforce the Constitution and Berrien County prosecutor Aaron Mead got a Butt Whipping!

 It was a very exciting day for the people of the State of Michigan. On November 7, 2017, I went to the Michigan Supreme Court to enforce the constitution. The Michigan Supreme Court hammered Berrien Court prosecutor Aaron Mead. It was a beat down. He could not answer any questions concerning Michigan State law 168.937. I mean it was a real Butt Whipping. They wanted to know where does Berrien County draw the line.

The problem is the Michigan Supreme Court normally rules in favor of the prosecutor to protect the corruption that exists inside of the courtrooms in Michigan, even when the evidence is not there to rule in favor of the prosecutor. The Michigan Supreme Court normally does it anyway, but Aaron Mead got a butt spanking inside the Michigan Supreme Court.

I have already completed 30 months in prison for a crime I, nor anybody else I know committed. There was no crime and there is no such law as forgery on a recall petition under MCL168.937.

The Court is looking at whether a law used to charge me with forgery of election documents is a crime and a penalty, it can not be both. It has to be one or the other. The issue is whether the court will be able to use the power of the constitution to their advantage and change the meaning of the law to help the prosecutor.

The statutory or contractual language in the law must be enforced according to his plain meaning and cannot be judicially revised or amended to harmonize with the prevailing policy of the Berrien County courts. The constitution forbids this action.

Any judicial revision or amendment of the plain language of a law involves a court impermissibly legislating from the bench and the law does not allow it, The Supreme Court judges must function within their constitutional responsibility to act in accordance with its system of separation of powers, by exercising only the judicial power. If the legislature wishes to provide that forgery of additional election code documents can be prosecuted, it must provide for this with pain language in a statute. Doing otherwise is the role of the legislature and not the role of Berrien County Courts.

Let the truth be told. The structure of the election code must be read in a manner with each of these penalty provisions, applying only when some other section of the code proscribes forgery, perjury, or other crimes.

It is presumed that the legislature had knowledge of MCL 168.937, the law in which I was charged. When it added language proscribing forgery from another law, MCL168.759. It is well-established principle that the legislature is presumed to be aware of all existing statutes when enacting new laws. if the legislature deemed another law, MCL168.937 as providing for felony liability for forgery of any and all election code documents, there would have been no need to add the provision in MCL 168.759. Particularly important here is the rule of the Black Law Dictionary that states that legislature generally does not cover the same ground in separate statutes.

Any claim that MCL168.937 creates substantive crimes, based on forgery of any and all election-related documents by any person renders other section of the election code prohibit forgery as surplus, contrary to Michigan law. I have stated for many years that MCL 168.937 was a penalty and did not create substantive crime.

The prosecutor Mike Sepic violated the Michigan Rules of Evidence, with the help of Judge Sterling Schrock. The Michigan Constitution, The U.S. First Amendment, and due process were violated by the judge and the prosecutor by introducing evidence of Rev Pinkney's speech, political activities, community activities, his radio show, Rev Pinkney bringing Danny Glove, Jessie Jackson, Jeremiah Wright, and others to Benton Harbor.

The prosecutor also asked at least one witnesses in its case whether Rev Pinkney participated in a radio program. The prosecutor asked Rev Pinkney, what does this have to do with Rev Pinkney changing dates on a recall petition, was Rev Pinkney involved with Ed Billing of Colorado a political cartoon expert. Rev Pinkney was asked whether he has been on Internet radio show program Pete Santilli. Rev Pinkney was asked about the BANCO website.

The First Amendment to the Michigan Constitution and MRE 403 were violated, Due process was violated.

The Supreme Court hearing was an opportunity to get this injustice right. and to check the all-white jury which was motivated by something other than the truth, hand picked of Gail Freehling, Jill Olsen, David Dill, Catherine Roamer of Lake Shore High School  Judge Sterling Schrock's friend), Carolyn Davis, Carlia Witz, Allen Prysky, Scott Rose. and four others, all got it wrong.

We must confront injustice with truth and speak truth to power. The Judge Sterling Schrock and Prosecutor Mike Sepic and the jury should be tried for Crimes against Humanity.        

Rev Edward Pinkney