Sunday, January 22, 2017

We Must Confront the Evil Capitalist Empire!

The capitalists just collect the profits. This atrocity of gouging the poor for life-saving necessities exposes the very core of capitalism: a system where profits for the tiny few come before human needs.

A legislator is a parasite. He is one that makes the law for his political buddies, a member of the legislative body, an organized body of parasites. The legislator is a non-producer who produces absolutely nothing. The worker produces all the material wealth, which is now in the possession of the capitalist class that was produced by the workers.

None of the expenses of production come out of corporate profits. All expenses are, in fact, paid for by the labor of the workers who produce the products, and who are also the consumers of these products.

None of the costs and expenses of business come out of the pockets of the commanders of capital. To the capitalist, everything in the world is free--even the cost of war and all the dead bodies. The police, the schools, the prisons, the roads, trains, planes and automobiles, and the most important: their very own taxes.

These are all expenses paid for by the labor of the working classes and the taxes we are forced to pay out of our earnings. We workers are paid only a tiny proportion, as little as the boss can get away with, of the actual wealth we produce through our labor. It's factored in with all the other expenses on the production line. The prices are determined by calculating the desired profits the capitalists want and expect to see from the sale of these products, so they raise the price of the drugs as high as possible and lower the wages as much as possible to ensure their profits.

Judges are also parasites. They produce nothing. A parasite depends on the workers or taxes or something else for their income or existence, or even support without making any useful or adequate return. For example, judges like Judge Dennis Wiley, Art Cotter, Sterling Schrock, Angela Pasula, and Schofield are all parasites who work for the establishment to oppress the people. Along with prosecutor Mike Sepic, they are worthless and bring nothing to the table.

I am reminded every day of the German Jews who watched a monumental evil gather itself against them, all the while assuring one another that things weren't as bad as they seemed, that their country would soon return to its senses. But in the meantime, the box cars were being filled with over 5 million German Jews on their way to the death camps. Maybe we are not alarmist enough.

This nation's hypocrisy has no limits. This nation has a large credibility gap. I call it lying to the people. It's up to the people today to make your fellow citizens see the other side of America. In your great numbers lies great hope. We must move from words to deeds. We must go back to our communities and organize against fascism. We must eliminate the parasites and let another world be born. I believe that the unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final words. In reality that is why, right now, temporary defeat is stronger than evil triumphant. We must confront the evil empire!

-Rev. Edward Pinkney