Monday, January 23, 2017

Marquette Branch Prison: Hostility Inside the Wall

(This piece was written by Rev. Pinkney when he was still in Marquette.)

If you fail to pay a traffic ticket or court fine or child support for an offence, all too often you can end up in prison. If you do end up in prison, those costs will keep you there, forever trapping you in a downward spiral of prison and more debt.
However, if you are a wealthy corporate executive, like the heads of Volkswagen or General Motors, you can get away with killing people as long as it's on behalf of increasing profits. At most you may have to pay fines amounting to a slap on the wrist.
I am sitting in Siberia, over 500 miles from my family, friends, and community. In a place called Marquette Branch Prison, better known as the concentration camp of America.  Even Adolf Hilter would be proud of the way Warden Robert Napel is operating the concentration camp. The torture begins when you wake up, the agony of the mind and body, extreme pain is inflicted by the warden, Robert Napel and his staff.
The very first thing Marquette Branch Prison does to the prisoner: they attempt to silence you by removing all contact with the outside world. The MDOC attacked my communication by stealing my telephone communication first. They lied and said I was making a three way call, which was impossible, it was a conference call. The MDOC and the the untrained, unskilled, unprofessional, and uneducated correctional officer, misspelled my name or put the wrong name on the misconduct ticket and was founded not, not guilty, but the Warden Robert Napel had my telephone pin shut off before the misconduct was given and after I was founded not guilty he became upset and he decided my telephone service would be removed for 180 days, which is illegal and against the Michigan Department of Corrections' rules and procedures. The MDOC do not follow their own rules.
Then, the Michigan Department of Corrections attempted to remove all visitors by charging me with smuggling knowing I had not smuggled anything in or out of the prison. They claimed one of my visitors, David Sole, was trying to smuggle notes out of the prison which once again was untrue and was found not guilty.
The problem is the taxpayers are paying for the unchecked discretion. The taxpayers must stop watching television and start paying attention to this 2 billion dollar budget the MDOC has. The MDOC is pimping the public. We must start understanding the real problem and be able to handle the truth.
The time is right: The Michigan Department of Corrections has slated me to die in this concentration camp. They have done everything they could to hurt me and destroy me. I have what my captors will never have: spiritual strength, dignity, integrity, honest, and love for the people. A commitment to revolution and the ability to read The Writing on the Wall.
Now I know, now I believe I know how the Jews felt in Nazi, Germany concentration camp, better known as the death camp. The Warden sent his boys after me. Correctional Officer Schetter, Correctional Officer Luukkala, Correctional Officer Balsa, Correctional Officer Sare, and several others after me.
I have been told by other correctional officers that the warden is gunning for me. I have been placed in areas that are full of Black Mold and I am never to be moved. It is even written in the MDOC logbook.
Then the threatening, harassing, intimidating behavior continued every single day. They used speech, action, gesture, and movement that cause physical and mental intimidation, along with humiliation they also use abusive, threatening, profane language and actions which degrade and belittle black people. The policy is clear: an employee shall not discriminate against others by word or action on the basis of race or color. An employee must report any incident of harassment to the designated harassment counselor or the appropriate supervisor. This will never happen because there is unbridled discretion. The exercise of too much discretion by too many people has made the Marquette Branch Prison the concentration camp of America who believe the MDOC is above all laws, rules, and procedures. We must stop them!
I have a psychological theory. Guilt has a constructive angle. Maybe a way to mend the evil, wickedness, and hatred of Blacks by the administration and the correctional officers. The evil and wickedness, plus the hatred by some of our white brothers her at Marquette Branch Prison, better known as the concentration camp of America. I am resisting with love, love will conquer all.