Friday, September 02, 2016

Police Must Stop Killing Black Men Or Else!

Racism has wreaked havoc on black men. It is something difficult to determine, which are the deepest. They physical wounds or the psychological wounds, only a black man can understand the social disease that racism inflicts upon him. The suppressed fears and resentments, and the expressed anxieties and sensitivities make each day of life a turmoil. Every confrontation with the police, the court system, and everything else, and with the restrictions imposed is another emotional battle in a never ending war. the black man is shackled in his waking moments to tiptoe stance. Never quite knowing what to expect next and in his subconscious the black man wrestles with this added demon, better known as the system.

Is there any argument to support the withdrawing of life-quality from groups, because of the color of their skin, or the texture of their hair or any external characteristic, which has nothing at all to do with life quality? Certainly not on the grounds of morality, justice, or religion. Nothing can be more diabolical than a deliberate attempt to destroy in any man his will to be a man and to withhold from him that something that constitutes his true reserve. Desegregation, then is not enough for it travels a part of the distance, it does not complete the whole cycle. The lack of restriction against one's freedom, but it does not prohibit the blocking of his total capacity.

I may do well in non-racist society, but I can never know what my total capacity is until I live in a non-racist society. I cannot be free until I have had the opportunity to fulfil my total capacity untrammelled by any artificial hindrance or barrier. I demand that we recognize that racism is a denial of freedom and is denial of life itself.

Before we can understand, all the police killing today and the police officers, not being changed, we must go back to the root of the problem. The system, which also includes the criminal justice system. Black people continue to live with racism every single day of their life. It doesn't matter where we are individually in the scheme of things or how near we may be either to the top or the bottom of society. The cold facts of racism slap each one of us right in the face.

The lacking of sufficient access to television, radio, newspaper publications, and broad forums, blacks have to write their most persuasive essay with the blunt pen of force of the marching ranks. The killing of black men will continue, it is the Shame of America and this country must face the aspect of it, direct action will continue to be a significant source of power until it is made irrelevant by the presence of justice. We must confront this system until police officers are sent to prison for killing black men.