Friday, September 02, 2016

Fighting the Whirlpool Corporate Dictatorship in Benton Harbor, Michigan

Terrance T-Shirt Shurn is murdered by police, a vicious despicable murder. Police violently break up peaceful vigils, creating an uprising. The army is brought in to patrol the streets.
In Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm forms a task force in the year 2003. She says she will help Benton Harbor, Michigan. She has no intention of helping the residents of Benton Harbor. This was the beginning of the take over of the city by the corporation. This was the beginning of the merge of the corporation, Whirlpool, and the city of Benton Harbor government which is known as fascism.
In 2004, led by Whirlpool-backed commissioner Glen Yarbrough, beach-front city property is given away for proposed Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course.
In 2005, the citizens decided to recall Glen Yarbrough. The citizens get enough votes to remove Glen Yarbrough, but the judge set aside elections to keep Yarbrough's seat. Rev. Pinkney is arrested and falsely charged with voter fraud.
In 2007, to keep Yarbrough in office, Rev. Pinkney is arrested and falsely charged with voter fraud. Trial ends in a hung jury. A new trial with an all-white jury convicts Rev. Pinkney. He is placed on probation. Then Rev. Pinkney is sent to prison for probation violations when quoting the Bible. The Court of Appeals orders Rev. Pinkney's release. He spends nearly a year incarcerated.
Gov. Granholm brings in unelected Emergency Financial Manager under Public Act 72 to run Benton Harbor. The residents of Benton Harbor take control of the city commission away from Whirlpool and young black men in Benton Harbor are increasingly found dead under questionable circumstances, and this continues while Sheriff Paul Bailey says no foul play.
In 2011, Whirlpool puppet Mayor James Hightower becomes mayor in Benton Harbor. Gov. Snyder put Public Act 4 in place to change Emergency Financial Managers to Emergency Managers and gave them absolute power over all aspects of city government. The Emergency Manager continues giving away public land to Whirlpool.
In 2012, Michigan citizens vote to repeal Public Act 4 Emergency Manager Law, and then Gov. Snyder signs into law Public Act 436. It is almost identical to the original law, but stronger against the residents.
In 2013, a recall of the corrupt Mayer James Hightower begins. The petitions are turned in with the required number of signatures.
Sheriff Bailey investigates petitions at the request of the mayor, prosecutor, and judge to stop the recall election. The Sheriff Department started to intimidate the residents, who signed the petition.
In 2014 April 24, a SWAT Team surrounds Rev. Pinkney's home. He is charged with voter fraud, five felonies, no direct or indirect evidence. Rev. Pinkney is convicted by an all-white jury that was motivated by something other than the truth.
Rev. Pinkney needs your help. We must confront the corrupt and rigged system and fight back together!