Sunday, June 19, 2016

The River Goes By - Philip Bassett

The River Goes By  by Philip Bassett

3 verses:

1.  The river goes by, pretending it's always the same river
     The river goes by, meandering through St. Joseph, Michigan
     to the courthouse there
     They say he gets in the way
     And he has too much to say
     They have to stick Rev. Pinkney into prison.

2.  The river goes by and it's not a raging river
     The river goes by and I'm wondering how it stays there in her eyes
     when she speaks of him
     His wife Dorothy
     somehow moves a river in me
     And it goes drip, drip down my shirt to think of him in prison

3.  The river goes by, being always the same river
     The river goes by, remembering all the lawyers and their lies
     hidden between the lines
     There's a whirlpool going down
     Gonna take the entire town
     and they won't give any ground 'til everyone's in prison