Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sex Charges Against Berrien County Sheriff Department

Let the truth be told. I have a very difficult time believing that Mr. Martell Hadley committed suicide. I have known Mr. Hadley for several years. I have never known him to be suicidal.

The Berrien County criminal justice system takes pleasure in bringing the Black residents of Benton Harbor to their knees. The residents of Benton Harbor are like slaves who fear to speak.

I believe Mr. Martell Hadley did not commit suicide, and anything that Sheriff Paul Bailey touches must be questioned. The hypocrisy of the Berrien County Sheriff Department has no limits.

The Sheriff's staff under Sheriff Bailey requested sexual favors from several females. Sheriff Bailey said he conducted an internal investigation last year that found no evidence of any alleged misconduct occurring inside the Berrien County jail but there is so much evidence to support the more than ten women's statements.

Sheriff Bailey and prosecutor Mike Sepic both turned their heads when it comes to corruption inside Berrien County Criminal Justice Department. We have judges, prosecutors, and county commissioners all working together against the residents of Berrien County.

The prosecutor must reassess the facts and have the FBI come in and investigate the sexual favors that were given to the Sheriff Department Deputies under the watch of Sheriff Bailey in Berrien County.

In Berrien County several Black residents of Benton Harbor have been murdered and found in the river. Bulldog was found with his penis cut off and Sheriff Bailey said it was an accident after he was anchored down. Three other Black Benton Harbor residents were found in the Lake by the Sheriff department, very suspicious.

We distrust the Berrien County Sheriff Department. It is much like Lowndes County, Alabama in the years when lynching was acceptable by the racist whites in the southern states. Living in Berrien County, Michigan under Sheriff Bailey is worse than living in Lowndes County, Alabama.

I am requesting a complete investigation into Berrien County, not only the racist Sheriff Department, but the whole county. We must confront this corrupt system, the establishment and the criminal justice system. We must confront the enemy and fight back together at all costs. We must force the Berrien County Sheriff Department and prosecutor Mike Sepic to be honest and investigate all crimes including those happening in the Sheriff Department and of the former Mayor of Benton Harbor, Whirlpool puppet James Hightower!

Rev. Pinkney