Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Officer Basal is a menace: Warden Napel and Director Washington are afraid of officers

It has become clear to me that Warden Robert Napel and MDOC director Heidi Washington are afraid of the correctional officers, at least in Marquette Branch Prison, if not IN other Michigan prisons.

If they were not afraid, I believe they would not allow current officer behavior to continue inside Marquette, or any other Michigan prisons.

In particular, officer Basal's attacks on me are so off-the-charts unprofessional that I am left with the distinct impression that she is untrained, unskilled, and uneducated regarding her job.  Besides being untrained, she has intense hatred for Blacks.  Basal believes she is above Napel and Washington.

My message to director Washington is that Basal's behavior is very serious:  threatening, harassing, intimidating behavior which the warden keeps silent about.  Taxpayers are funding this behavior.

The problem for prisoners is that there is absolutely no one to turn to for help.  I never know when, where, or how the attack will occur; it's a very hostile situation which is out of control.

My current prison experience is traumatizing.  I didn't realize this until I thought about asking the warden for help.

The MDOC should have a zero tolerance policy for employees who break the rules and law.  Some bring contraband into Marquette Prison and should be terminated.  Stop the corruption by enforcing the state of Michigan law and state policies.  CORRECTIONAL OFFICERS MUST STOP ATTACKING PRISONERS.  STOP THEM BEFORE THEY STOP US!

Rev. Pinkney