Friday, April 22, 2016

From Rev. Pinkney: Corrupt Partnership and the Struggle

Marquette Branch Prison Partnership with Corrupt Berrien County

Gov. Snyder is the man in charge of Marquette Branch Prison, the concentration camp of America where prisoners are tortured. I was sent here by Judge Sterling Schrock and his sidekick Prosecutor Mike Sepic, who stated in his brief that my First Amendment-protected activities could not be prejudicial in nature because they involved things like the fight for freedom, justice and equality for all, and to provide food, clothes, and shelter for the needy. Yet he argued a different story to the jury, a story that was not true, arguing that the jury should come to a conclusion about my activities that clearly indicate the prosecution had a prejudicial purpose in admitting my protected activities as evidence. 

This was a vindictive prosecution in which I was singled out under the corruption of Berrien County, Michigan, for exercising my constitutionally-protected rights. Sepic intentionally charged me with a more serious crime, seeking a more severe punishment in retaliation for a lawful exercise of a constitutional right. This all-white jury was motivated by something other than the truth.

I have been court watching for over 15 years and have never witnessed a jury of this nature. The jury ignored the law and evidence in reaching a capricious and racist verdict. The rogue jury based their verdict on unrevealed prejudices, not on a desire to achieve a just, fair, or moral outcome.

We are living in a time where truth is still important, but I know how it feels to be in prison for a crime you never committed in a corrupt system that will get away with it. We must confront the system.

The Struggle

I, Rev. Edward Pinkney, am thankful for the struggle, because without it I wouldn't have stumbled across my strength. In our struggle for justice, let your oppressor know that you have neither a desire to defeat him nor a desire to get even with him for all the injustice that this corrupt system has heaped on us. The festering sore of injustice debilitates the white man as well as the black man; by having this attitude, you will keep your struggle on high levels.

Many people realize the urgency of eradicating injustice. I hope many blacks will devote their lives, as I have, to the cause of freedom and justice for all. Many white people of good will and strong moral sensitivity will dare to speak for justice. Honesty impels me to admit that such a stand requires a willingness to suffer and sacrifice. I will not despair because I was condemned and persecuted for righteousness' sake. When you testify for truth and justice you are liable to be scorned.

In Berrien County, Judge Schrock--a man intoxicated with power and ego who transmitted an obsessive fear of blacks to the Berrien County citizens--is capable of swaying any audience in the typical manipulative manner displayed by Adolf Hitler. I despair of getting justice in the courts; I can only say that I am thankful there is a God in heaven to give real justice to the people. I believe it was easier for the children of Israel to cross the Red Sea than for a Black man or woman to get justice in Berrien County, Michigan. The Berrien County newspaper, the Herald Palladium, WSJM, News 22, News 57, and News 16--the white press--are acting as a tool for the Berrien County "justice" system and the bloodsucking Whirlpool Corporation to suppress the facts through one-sided stories that sway the community.

We must confront all who deny one of life, liberty, and justice. We must let justice roll down like water and righteousness!