Friday, March 25, 2016

Occupy the PGA 2016 Is On!!!

Mark your calendars!

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Saturday, May 28 at 11 AM
City Hall Steps, 200 East Wall St., Benton Harbor, MI

Rev. Pinkney is in prison and Whirlpool and Harbor Shores hope that means we won't protest like we did in 2012 and 2014. Let's make this the biggest Occupy the PGA yet!

As we did in 2012 and 2014, we gather to protest in Benton Harbor to #OccupyThePGA & march on the 2016 Senior PGA tournament. Join & share across all your social media! Benton Harbor residents need your support in their struggles against corporate corruption at every level!

"It's not one thing, it's everything!" -political prisoner Rev. Edward Pinkney

  • The Senior PGA in Benton Harbor represents:
  • Gentrification of Benton Harbor and genocide of its Black residents by corrupt Whirlpool Corp...#BoycottWhirlpool
  • Theft of public parks for poor children in order to make golf courses for rich people--alongside $500K condos, while the majority of Benton Harbor's residents live in poverty and unemployment
  • Whilrpool's stranglehold on Berrien County politics, media, law enforcement, and civil life
  • Murder of Benton Harbor residents...Justice for #MartellHadley, murdered in Berrien County Jail in March 2016
  • Snyder's corrupt Emergency Financial Manager law which stole democracy from majority-Black cities like Benton Harbor, Flint, and Detroit...#NotOurGovernor #ArrestSnyder
  • Attack on political activity and dissent through the unjust imprisonment of Rev. Edward Pinkney, still in jail on false charges of changing dates on a recall petition with no evidence #Justice4Pinkney

For more background, see the Occupy the PGA blog. Don't forget to join the facebook event and share everywhere on social media!