Monday, March 21, 2016

Another murder in Berrien County by Sheriff Paul Bailey

One of the most outrageous and not well published lynchings in Berrien County has taken place.  I cannot believe for one moment that Martell Hadley committed suicide.  I cannot and will not believe anything that Sheriff Paul Bailey of Berrien County says.

I believe this cold-blooded, calculated slaughter was carried out by the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department.  This pattern continues, like never before, as Berrien County Sheriffs and vigilantes routinely gun down, lynch, and brutally beat blacks with impunity with freedom from punishment.  No one has been held accountable for their action and inaction.

In most cases the Berrien County Court has been proven incapable of prosecuting the Sheriff’s department — or court members such as judges, prosecutors, and law enforcers. Those who engage in racist violence against the oppressed are not held accountable.

The US Department of Justice has refused to investigate the decades of Berrien County law enforcement corruptions only because of US Rep. Fred Upton, Berrien County resident and heir to the bloodsucking Whirlpool Corporation.  The DOJ has admitted that their department does not accurately document Berrien County killing, lynching, brutality, or the racism that is involved.  Sheriff Paul Bailey is the Policy Maker in Charge.  He failed to prevent harm to prisoner Martell Hadley.  Bailey’s department has a history of providing unprofessional service, served up with a huge does of brutality to Blacks.  

To my knowledge Mr. Hadley was not suicidal and did not commit suicide.  This was a horrendous crime in the minds of the Blacks who live in Berrien County.  Bailey/Upton/et al know this.  Murder is a control mechanism.  Some say Bailey is a serial killer — this is not the first time his jail has “found” a dead inmate.  There is a monumental struggle between those who stand with the corrupt law-enforcers and those who demand radical change.  We can no longer stand back and allow Sheriff Bailey to attack the Black community.

We must make this struggle a victory for all who are victims of the corrupt system in every city, town, and state in America.  We must ask the DOJ to do a complete investigation of the murder of Martell Hadley.  He did not hang himself inside the Berrien County Jail.  We must confront criminal Sheriff Paul Bailey at all costs.

Rev. Pinkney
Marquette Branch Prison
March 2016